Summer went by in a fast blur, and it seems autumn has already fallen upon us, literally. It has been pouring for 4 days straight, monsoon-like rainfalls that stop for an hour or so at a time and then continue all night long. I really don’t mind the rain, but since we’ve moved into this tiny apartment it gets hard entertaining the children. They are literally bouncing off the walls all. the. time.

Our lease on our old place came up at the end of July, and because of construction delays, we aren’t able to move into our house (because there are no windows on it… or walls, or plumbing, or electrical…), so we’ve rented a tiny apartment of 750 sq ft. I realise that’s not SO tiny, I realise there are smaller places in the world and that we are lucky to have a roof over our heads… but squeeze a family of four into a one-bedroom plus den apartment, (we sleep in the den, which doesn’t have doors) and the kids share the master bedroom, and suddenly you start to understand how sardines feel in their tin cans.

To combat the feeling that this space is too small for us, which it really isn’t, only we’ve grown accustomed to a larger space, we’ve left most of our items in storage. I’m slowly going through the boxes in our storage unit to find more fall-appropriate clothing, but the kids toys will be limited and they will be allowed to ‘swap’ them occasionally, the only kitchen appliance I have is my Breville Keurig coffee brewer (which I absolutely adore!) and it works as a kettle for hot water as well.

The less stuff you have, the more room you have.

I am turning that line into my new mantra.

Living in this tiny apartment is a good exercise in ‘minimal living’, where keeping clutter under control is a never ending chore.

I am looking forward to the next couple of months living here, seeing what stories come about, what my children learn from ‘downsizing’, and eventually moving into our own-built home.

How has your summer been? Anything new?

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