I am a huge dork about Christmas. You have been warned.

With Christmas less than a month away (SQUEAL!) our tree is already up, my Christmas shopping is already done, and I’m starting to write my Christmas cards…! I’m also thinking of Christmas dinner – I’ve purchased the turkey, am contemplating the sides and the desserts – I’m just so excited about every aspect of it! Home Alone is playing on my tv RIGHT NOW.

homealoneChristmas for me is a time for GIVING. It’s about making people smile – giving people the most perfect gift – seeing the sparkle in their eyes – hearing the joy in their voice! But if people insist on giving me presents, well so be it – but what do you get a tired mama of two? View Post



Oh, Monday.

I’m not always a Monday hating person. However today is just one of those days – those days I read an “inspirational” post about life and it uses an image that says “You Only Live Once!” and I’m like – REALLY? HOW DO YOU KNOW!?

So, it’s a grumpy Monday around here.

I got more sleep than usual last night – I went to bed at 9 pm, was woken up by a sniffly baby boy about every four hours, and slept in until 7:30 am – but I was still exhausted this morning! After a quick shower, feeding the kids, packing a lunch, and leaving the house with wet hair (shock and horror, I’m sure) we still managed to get to school 10 minutes late. My daughter is not winning any attendance awards any time soon. View Post


Women Hating Other WomenAs a woman and a mom of an impressionable tween-aged girl, I’m still sometimes at disbelief in what I hear and see in the world. How can I change this world for the better? Make it a better place for my little girl? How can I help my little girl realise that every negative thing she might hear about herself isn’t necessarily true? How can I make my little girl see that  being negative about others is also hurting herself?

Growing up I’ve always had a close girlfriend or two, I would spend hours with them – shopping at the mall, hanging out and listening to music, gossiping, studying – it’s what girls do. However, I always felt more comfortable around men – or at the time, boys, if you will. Hanging out with guys was natural, it never felt judgmental or mean or hypercritical.

It never felt like I had to watch what I was saying around them, I never wondered what a guy friend was thinking about what I was saying. Maybe I’m naive in thinking that men are “nicer” than women, because I do know some guys who can gossip like a mutha, but in general, I just felt more easygoing around guys. View Post



1. Christmas Decor

I’ve officially started decorating my house for the season. I’ve held off even thinking about decorating the tiny apartment because I kept hoping that we’d be in our new house for Christmas – alas, I’ve decided to give up on that idea. As much as we hoped and wished that we would be waking up on Christmas morning in our new home, we don’t think it will happen. Not in the sense that we want it to. I mean, we could sleep there the night before, we could set up a tree and cuddle – but with hardly any furniture or a working kitchen – it’s not quite the Christmas morning I want to wake up to.

I’m quite content with making our “perfect Christmas” in the tiny apartment! In fact, I’m kind of ecstatic! As the years go on, Christmas is becoming more and more about the kids – I think it’s a sign I’m getting old. Yes, Christmas is my favourite holiday, yes I adore the lights and sparkle and warmth of the season – but it’s not about me anymore. Decorating a tree and hanging a string of lights make my heart soar – but it’s the excitement and wonder in my children’s eyes that really makes me happy.

The tree isn’t up – not yet! I’ve rearranged the furniture slightly, and I’ve made a spot for it – seriously, in the corner, there’s a large empty spot now, we call it “This is where the Christmas Tree is going!!” Chanel already told Jay on the phone ALL ABOUT the big empty spot in the corner.


2. Writing Letters & Cards

I miss writing. I have tons of pretty pens and tons of gorgeous stationary – most of it is packed in boxes away in storage, but I have a small stash with me in this tiny place, and I’m dying to use it!

I’m thinking of putting together a Christmas Card Swap, where bloggers and readers alike can sign up and be paired up randomly and send cards out to each other. What do you think? Would you sign up? Sometimes I get these ideas and then they don’t pan out, or I see a crazy successful blogger do it and I think – oh, I should have done that when I first thought of it!

I recently came across a box in storage, it was full of kraft cards and silver envelopes and glittery pine cone stickers and pretty ribbons… at first I thought that the box must belong to someone else – I’m not a crafter! Sometimes I wish I were more crafty, but I seem to never find the time – or the talent!… but then I remembered that I had this great idea that I was going to make all my Christmas cards this year. HA! I was probably day drinking when I had that idea… and when I bought all that stuff at Michael’s.

Do you make your cards or do you buy them? I think next year I might attempt to make some of them, I might as well use up some of that craft stuff I bought!

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My Kid Loves his Babysitter

I am currently sitting in a cafe in my little mountain town, ‘supposed to’ be working but after an hour or two of real work I find myself drifting into an almond milk latte haze…. pinterest…. twitter… blogs…. We have hired a sitter to watch the kids a couple of times a week. I think I convinced my husband to hire one so I could have “me time” and get in shape, however “me time” is more like blogging and coffee time.

Today I’m supposed to be working on some graphic design and website work for my husband’s company, which I did, for 2 hours, and now I’m bored. It’s too soon to pack it up and go back home, the babysitter is still there. My kids LOVE the babysitter, and sometimes I wish they didn’t love her so much, you know?

When my baby boy stopped crying as I was leaving, I knew she was good. But listen to this little gem of a story: View Post