I tend to live in the moment, however lately I’ve been thinking a lot of the past. I’ve been skimming old blog posts (from my old blog), looking at old pictures, remembering family, friends, and events from a long time ago.

My daughter turned eight a couple of weeks ago. Eight! Let that sink in for a minute. That’s EIGHT years of being a mother. Eight birthday cakes. Eight years of raising a beautiful, smart, crazy, cheeky little girl – who looks SO grown up for being eight.

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Passionately Purple Tulips

A few years ago I moved from Toronto to Vancouver, moving 2000 miles away from family & friends can be tough around birthdays and holidays. When a good friend has a new baby or when someone you love is going through tough time, an email just isn’t enough.

I’ve relied on Teleflora many times to send beautiful bouquets of flowers to my sister when she was sick, to my mom on Mother’s Day, to friends on their birthdays – it’s a fun surprise that I love to give! And Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to send a special Valentine’s Day Bouquet to a loved one, near or far! View Post



Chinese New Year is celebrated on January 31st this year, and 2014 is the Year of the Horse according to the Chinese zodiac. When our family lived in downtown Vancouver, we lived a few blocks away from Chinatown, and I love all the Chinese New Year festivities. The parades were my daughter’s favourite part while I loved the food!

There are many traditions and superstitions when it comes to what to eat on Chinese New Year – certain foods give good luck and others are supposed to give bad luck. Long noodles represent longevity, jiaozi dumplings bring prosperity, while white foods are thought to bring bad luck. View Post


Read Part 1 & Part 2 Here!

As the construction on our dream home starts coming to a close, I’m getting more and more excited! I cannot wait to move in – building a house is a lengthy and stressful process. From the financial side to managing the workers and the supplies – it’s a huge headache.

Jay was our own Builder, he was in charge of the project from the very beginning – he designed it, he worked with the architect to create the plans, he hires all the trades, he orders the materials, he oversees every last bit of this project – I think when we’re done we’ll need a LONG vacation!

01I thought I was really excited when the roof was put on the house, however what really excited me was the STAIRS! When the stairs were put in, and we no longer had to access the upper floor from the outside – it really started to feel like a proper building!


Our son’s bedroom is to the left of the stairs, the Master is to the right.


Another view of the stairs, here you can see all the spray foam insulation used in the walls

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Going ‘green’ is something that’s very important to me – as I get older I realise the footprint that we all leave on this earth, and I realise how important it is to make efforts, no matter how big or small, to protect the environment around us. (Read more about Getting Rid of Plastic Bags and How to Stop Using Paper Towels.)

Children are playing on green meadow

That is why I’m so excited to announce that the ModernFamilyExpo is launching February 23rd at the Pinnacle Hotel in North Vancouver! This is going to be a fun and amazing ‘green’ event for the whole family.

The ModernFamilyExpo is featuring experts & exhibitors that are all about Eco-Friendly Living, Food & Nutrition, Health & Wellness, Pre- & Postnatal Support, and Active Living. Their goal is to help everyday families find ways to take just one step in the right direction in their daily lives.

Some of the fun that will be taking place at the ModernFamilyExpo:

  • Par-T-Perfect Kid Zone: bouncy castles, face painting, craft station – even a Whole Foods ‘Play With Your Food’ Table!
  • Over 65 Exhibitor Booths – with LOTS of food & drink sampling!
  • Active Living Zone: Prenatal Yoga Classes, Parenting & Health Workshops, Mom & Baby Boxing Class!
  • Family Lounge with change tables & comfortable breastfeeding area sponsored by
  • …and much more!

The whole event is being run by Bullfrog power using 100% BC Wind Power, and there will also be a Bicycle Valet. View Post



I love anything with a streusel topping – coffee cake is typically the first thing I think of when I was something streusel-ly (is that a word? it should be!). The Banana Streusel muffins are delicious – one difference to this recipe is that you don’t mash the bananas – you slice the bananas!

When you bite into the muffins you get hit with this delicious cinnamon-sugar crunchy topping, a plump muffin and sweet slices of heaven. (Craving something chocolate? What about a spicy ginger molasses cookie?) View Post




Last Wednesday evening, my daughter came home from school with a bit of a cold. By nightfall she had a fever and spent all day Thursday cuddled up on the couch under a blanket.

Thursday night my 19-month old son started throwing up. At night. ALL night. He would cry in his crib as he felt it coming on, I’d rush in, pick him up, run to the bathroom to get him to throw up into the sink – while most of it landed on my shoulder, arm, hair or shirt.

Friday became the day when the ‘puke bucket’ became necessary, as my daughter was finding it hard to make it to the washroom on time.

Saturday was my birthday. The Big 3-0.

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