Ever since my little baby boy became a mobile and active little one, diaper changes became a major challenge in our family. If we were home we could change him on the bed – but if you let go of him for a second to grab an extra wipe, he would be running out of the room and the chase would be on! In public restroom changing facilities, he would just cry the whole time as he wanted to be up and about, looking around and having fun.

When I received the offer to try out Huggies Slip-On diapers, I was super excited! I wanted to see if they were easy to put on, but also that they fit right and they were leak-proof. View Post


Cherry Blossoms


Springtime in Vancouver means cherry blossom trees – on every corner, on every block! These beautiful pink petals cover sidewalks, cars, and even people! Any trip into the city in March & April involves a detour to discover some of these gorgeous trees.

The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival is going on April 3rd – 28th, 2014, and their website includes a neighbourhood map where you can check out the best places to find these trees. Because these trees bloom for such a limited time, there seems to be something a little magical about them…

Cherry Blossoms in Vancouver


I am constantly searching for design inspiration for our new home. What intrigues me most are homes with a modern & minimalist aesthetic, but that are also family friendly and comfortable. It’s not an easy balance to achieve – many homes can look sterile and uninviting when too minimalist – but I also hate clutter with a passion.

This modern family home in Toronto is one I always return to, it was designed by Tony Round & Andrea Kordos from blackLAB Architects as an open-plan, modern space for themselves and their two children – and there’s NO TV! Their main intention when designing this house was to provide a place for everything and keep everything in its’ place, while maintaining a comfortable and livable home for their family. View Post


 West Coast Spring Essentials - Survive Rainy Weather in the Pacific Northwest!

 Today is the first day of spring! Finally there are hopes of sunshine and flowers and fun outdoor activities – however living on the West Coast (dubbed the Wet Coast by some!) spring also brings in endless rain… Since moving here I’ve quickly succumbed to rain boots and waterproof jackets to keep myself dry – here are my simple spring essentials to surviving the rainy weather here in the Pacific Northwest, and still looking stylish! View Post



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There’s no question that I haven’t been in the brightest of spirits these past few months. I allow the stresses of life to bring me down – I complain, I whine – but something happened on Saturday that has perked me up more than a quadruple shot tall Americano ever could.

Imagine a rainy, dreary Saturday. A downpour of water. It’s depressing, right? As I racked my brain that morning trying to figure out what to do that would amuse my bouncing-off-the-wall children, I checked Facebook again and someone on a local page posted that there were orcas and dolphins in the waters off Nexen Beach.

Orcas and dolphins are not common in Squamish. I’ve lived here almost 4 years and have never heard of large groups of these sea creatures ever stopping by. There will be random sightings, especially by fishermen, but they’re rare to spot. View Post


Things have been so busy and hectic around here – our move-in date has been bumped back another couple of weeks, however we have to, HAVE TO, be finished and ready to move in for April 21st. That is our tentative move-in date. I am terrified because the house is covered in drywall dust, pipes are still exposed, and there are SO many things that need to be finished.

Like our kitchen.

We had previously chosen a super slick and minimal design for our kitchen – it was our dream kitchen! Until we realised that: a) our dream will be costing us over $100k, and b) we’re not rich.

After months of hemming and hawing, pricing out ‘copycat’ looks with local carpenters and kitchen installers, and either way, we would most likely have to remortgage our house for our dream kitchen. Boom goes the dynamite.

We’re now turning our previous look on its’ head and turning our kitchen into an industrial/rustic/modern kitchen with exposed shelving and reclaimed furniture pieces.



Open shelving with a variety of different textures and materials – wood, stainless steel, dark grey painted surfaces, a chalkboard wall, our orange le creuset pots and knives hanging on a magnetic strip.  View Post



Before we had a chance to install the windows at the back of the house, a crazier than usual rain and wind storm knocked down a tree into our backyard…

Thankfully, nothing was damaged, but it definitely gave us a fright! Especially when checking in with the workers that morning and getting a run down of what’s to happen that day, and he slyly drops a “Oh yeah, a tree fell on your house last night.”

Thanks for the heart attack!