My kids love to watch tv, I’m not going to deny it – I love watching my favourite shows, too! In an effort to limit screen-time, we got rid of our cable subscription a couple of years ago, something that was super easy to do considering the alternatives that are available – Netflix and Youtube supply most of our entertainment now.

With two children in two different age groups (8 years old and a 23-month old), I worry about them viewing inappropriate shows, stumbling upon the wrong ‘related’ video, or even googling ‘Angry Birds’ or ‘Minecraft’ and hearing swearing so I have to turn it off.

Recently I’ve discovered a new kid friendly television option – Kidoodle.TV, an online streaming video service for children 12 and under. Mom Central Canada offered me a free two-month subscription to Kidoodle.TV and we tried it out.  View Post


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This post has been a long time coming! After what seemed like months of nothing happening to the house, I finally get to show you some actual changes! For the last few months a lot of what I like to call the “behind-the-scenes” stuff has been happening – you know, the plumbing, the electrical, drywall mudding/taping and painting, exterior finishes – the stuff that makes a house, however showing pictures of pipes and electrical wire is not too exciting for a blog post…

Britannia Beach House
Britannia Beach House
You can see that brick is now finished, although that nightmare deserves a blog post of its’ own in the future, and the metal cladding is all done except for a couple of fascia pieces and the metal capping (the top part of the roof line). Let’s go inside…  View Post



Every person in my family – my husband, myself, and both our children – have sensitive skin. In each of us the sensitivities range – for instance my daughter has occasional eczema outbreaks and my son can get rough patches and red spots on his cheeks – so when I’m purchasing skin care, I always look for something anyone of us can use in a pinch.

Products that are hypo-allergenic, non-irritating, soothing and fragrance-free or dye-free are important, so I was very interested in trying out the Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo as well as the Aveeno Baby Daily Lotion for my son. I used both products exclusively on him for almost 3 weeks and here is my review.  View Post


March Instagrams

With my day to day schedule being so buys lately, I’ve been behind on posting my Project 365 pictures – never mind actual blogging! Here are some of my favourite pictures from March (are you behind? see February & January here) taken on my  iPhone and posted on Instagram (follow me on instagram at west_coastmama to see new pictures daily!).





March turned into a busy but fun month for us – my daughter had two weeks off for spring break and her brother sure loved having her around to play with! She spent a week at an Adventure ‘Survival’ Day Camp and was totally in love with spending all her time outdoors, learning to forage for berries, track animal prints, and create shelters.


A lot of work has been done on our house build (follow along with our dream house build!) but there’s still so much to do before we can move in… in about 25 days or so. I am so anxious about getting it all done on time and getting it done perfectly – I will be posting an update about our house build soon!

From the top (left to right):

1. The first flowers of spring
2. Brother & Sister eating candy in a kitchen cabinet
3. The rainbow after the storm
4. Chanel foraging for salmon berries beside our house build
5. A pink cloud sunset
6. Holland all cuddled up after a shower
7. Our home is starting to look like a house!

If you want to see more of my Instagrams check them out here! I’m hoping April will by productive, busy, but full of memories 🙂

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