3 Singing Birds in Whistler

Tucked away in the Whistler Village, I discovered a beautiful little shop, 3 Singing Birds. The store hosts a collection of handcrafted items, ‘a gathering of small design companies that make beautiful products with a mindful and fair trade philosophy’, you can find items here crafted by local artisans, and from companies across the globe.

Filled with unique items, it’s the perfect gift shop. The shop carries stylish bags, women’s clothing, jewelry, children’s toys, home accessories, paper goods – and you can feel good about supporting companies that are local, use sustainable practices, and are handcrafted. View Post


luxury-spaIf you could do anything for one whole day, what would you do? If you could be anybody for a whole day, who would you be?

My perfect day would start with a morning spent at the spa! No kids, no husband, just me getting massages and facials and soaking in a tub. I’d love to spend the afternoon ziplining with the family, and then have a private dinner, just for my husband and I, cooked by a fabulous chef in a beautiful place with a view.

What about you? Would you want a day of pampering and luxury? Would you want to live out your dream of being an astronaut, the mayor of your city, or learning to surf in Bali? Now imagine being GIVEN the OPPORTUNITY to live your dream for a day?

TELUS’ Grand Gestures Campaign is all about saying thank you to the communities it serves and to its’ loyal customers for sticking with them. TELUS believes that a simple thank you can go a long way, and while it would be easier to text or call someone, they believe that some thank yous are better share in person. TELUS gave a loyal customer, Ramona, a big surprise to thank you for being such a great customer for almost 20 years – check out thevideo below- and don’t forget to have tissues by your side!

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Years ago, I became obsessed with the idea of saving money on things I used on a day-to-day basis. Influenced by shows like Extreme Couponers, I quickly joined up couponing websites and forums to try and catch the best deal possible on everything imaginable. At one time, I spent a couple of months purchasing cleaning products at great prices (basic couponing tip: use coupons when the item is on sale at the store! A window cleaner’s regular price might be $4.99, on sale right now for $2.50, and I have a $1.50 off coupon, making that $5 item only a $1.00!) – only to discover after that I had hoarded almost one hundred bottles of various home cleaners.

None of which were eco-friendly. Not only had I gone against basic minimalist principles, against basic zero waste principles, I now had enough toxic chemicals to kill a baby bear (I wish I were joking…). And I had a new baby in the house and was suddenly stressing out about all the toxic chemicals that I was putting on surfaces and into the air. So I sold these store-bought cleaning products to a local cleaning lady (making a tiny profit!) and went back to square one. I started making my own DIY natural home cleaning products.  View Post


Alexander Falls and Train Wreck Hike in Whistle

Our family of four were heading up to Whistler on a beautiful, sunny day, when we decided to be a wee bit adventurous and check out a few places we had never been before! We had no plans that day – other than exploring! Our first stop was the stunning Alexander Falls, which is on the road to Callaghan Lake and the Whistler Olympic Park.

It stands at 43 metres/141 feet high, and is absolutely gorgeous to see. Other than sightseeing at the falls, you can take a seat at one of the picnic tables and have a packed lunch. After we took a few pictures and let the kids run around, we jumped back in the Jeep and went off towards our second destination. View Post



I still remember the last words my best friend in Toronto said to me before my flight to Vancouver: Don’t turn into one of those crunchy granola, birkenstock wearing, yoga hippie types! And I’m sure I laughed, rolled my eyes, and thought: not a chance in hell!

Back then I was still a posh, label-wearing mama of one, who wore stilettos on a daily basis, while more practical wedges were saved for the playground. I only wore flip flops on the beach, and even then they usually had a platform or a wedge to them. I moved to Vancouver with only one pair of flats, my favourite leopard-print pony-hair Tory Burch Reva flats, the rest of them were heels.

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My latest guilty pleasure is Ladies of London, yet another Bravo reality show. Have you seen this yet? It’s like the Real Housewives franchise has gone British, and it’s absolutely fabulous. There are gorgeous dresses, fancy events, and just a little bit of drama to make things exciting.


Caroline Stanbury is my absolute favourite on the show, she’s actually become a bit of a girl crush. She runs a luxury Gift Library and Wedding Shop, and is said to be worth $30 million. Caroline was born into the Vestey dynasty and continues to be part of London’s high society. She’s a mom of three and has a beautiful home. She’s sarcastic and witty and gorgeous. And I love her closet.  View Post


summer-yoga-essentials1. Yoga Mat. I get so excited looking at new yoga mats, and the Warrior mat by La Vie Boheme Yoga is no exception. The mat provides inspiration with the quote, “What you seek is seeking you” – Rumi, and it’s absolutely stunning. Get yours here

2. Yoga Bag. This bag by YogaRat is perfect for protecting your yoga mat during hikes to outdoor place. I love it because it has room for your yoga mat and towel, water bottle, snacks and phone. It’s eco-friendly too, being made of recycled plastic bottles.  Find it here US | Canada

3. Bold Leggings. Glitch Leggings by Reebok have a bold, colourful print that’s perfect for summer. Since I wear leggings year round, I need leggings that can go from yoga practice to shopping, and these leggings with the matching bra, a loose black cover up and an infinity scarf screams casual comfort in the summer. Bonus: they’re not black! Get yours here

4. Sports Bra. The Embrace Bra by Roxy has a cute design, a great fit with support for those that need it, is super lightweight, and looks cute under loose cover-ups. I am loving the pink and grey combo for summertime yoga. Get yours here

5. Shorts. You might be nervous to wear shorts to yoga at first, but you’ll be grateful for them afterwards. The matching Move It shorts by Roxy are a must for hot summer days, outdoor yoga, or bikram yoga. The Italian-made spandex is stretchy and supportive for a flattering fit. Get yours here

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