Leading Moms is a one-day event located in Vancouver, BC, featuring inspiring talks from extraordinary moms. The event takes place on September 26, 2014 and is hosted by VancouverMom.ca, Entrepreneur Mom Now, and JellyBeen, and will feature a speak line-up with key influencers in media, arts, health, business and more.

Some fabulous speakers this year include award-winning broadcaster, Tamara Taggart, and founder of Cause We Care, Andrew Thomas Hill. In a mix of performance, video and live talks, their roster of moms will deliver personal talks straight from their heart. View Post


This year, the phrase ‘Back to School’ is leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

This year, there will be no explicit joy in purchasing crisp, clean notebooks, unsharpened pencils, and fresh-smelling lunch boxes.

No, this year I get to tell my daughter, with a certain uncertainty, that we have no idea when she’ll be going back to school. And no amount of whining or protests of missing her teachers and classmates will change that.  View Post


My little boy turned two last May and is coming up to his 28th month. He dances and sings, he loves to play with trains and cars, really anything with wheels! He likes to colour, put his own shoes on, and climb mountains.

My toddler just doesn’t talk yet.

Should I be worried?

According to most of the information found in popular child development books and on the internet, YES, I definitely should.

Baby Centre says that my child should have around 50 words in his current vocabulary. No wait! The Ontario Government says my child should have 100 words in his vocabulary by 24 months. Parenting claims that my child’s lack of combining words together is a red flag.

And that’s only three of the 2.85 million Google results. View Post


How to Pack Light on Vacation

Packing light is an art of practicality and a test in minimalism. As the years pass and we’ve taken more trips as a family of four, I’ve received a first hand education on how to pack light on vacation.

It wasn’t always like this! I’m an ex-overpacker, it’s true. I used to pack almost our entire wardrobes to go on vacation, just to make sure we’d have everything we could possibly need. Each family member would have their own suitcase (that’s four huge suitcases taking up trunk space), plus there would be an additional mini-suitcase for toiletries, a beach bag full of towels, and sometimes I’d need another bag just for extra shoes. View Post


My little man has become quite the dancer, he’s got moves unlike any I’ve seen before, and it’s super cute to catch him bopping his head to music anywhere we might be!

In the car I play anything that’s on my iPod, from The White Stripes and The Killers, to Kesha and Lady Gaga, and even Beastie Boys or the latest EDM podcasts… we try to introduce our kids to all ranges of music, from hip hop to classical. We try to be hip parents!

So it was pretty funny to see him going crazy with his dance moves to The Wiggles on tv. View Post


Nothing screams back to school more than making sure you have everything on the school requirements list: paper, notebooks, No. 2 pencils, crayons, highlighters – the list goes on and on! Every year I start the school preparations by searching the house for remnants of last year’s school supplies. I found pencil cases, sharpeners, a still-new package of markers, and her lunch box from last year. And there was something smelly in it. I decided it was time for a new lunch box.


When my daughter first started attending pre-school, I tried to make her school snacks cute – her sandwiches might be heart-shaped and her fruit cut into stars – but as the years went on I realized she didn’t really care what her food looked like, so with that added pressure of making food look adorable off my plate, I continued to provide her with healthy food in waste-free containers.

This Tri Bento Stainless Steel Lunch Box from EcoLunch Box is practical, fun, and comes in a reversible artisan fabric bag. Inspired by the Indian ‘tiffin’ boxes, it easily clips apart into three separate containers. View Post


Modern Home Office Reveal

I am very excited to share my new home office with you. I have been waiting for a space to call my own for years and am so delighted with the way it turned out!

I spent months poring over home office inspiration, and I was so undecided about whether I wanted to spend a lot of money on a desk or if I should just buy something inexpensive. In the end my wallet won, and a trip to Ikea later, I had most of my home office ready to be put together!  View Post