IDS West Design Show

I look forward to the Interior Design Show every year and have been going since I was a young twenty-something in Toronto, trying to design our first home. Much has changed since then, in my own life and in the design world, but I can always be sure to find something that just about blows my mind at IDSwest.

The 10th anniversary of the IDSWest did NOT disappoint, there was so much to take in, a pleasant assault on the senses if you will – every booth was more intriguing than the last, each one offering something beautiful to see, something incredible to feel and touch, and the bar never lets me down with their selection of craft beers and Prosecco to taste! View Post



I was delighted when asked to be a Blog Ambassador for the third annual Leading Moms conference, but I wasn’t sure what to expect or how powerful an experience it would be. Every speaker was more inspiring than the last, and each of them brought their own important message to the forefront.


There were discussions on balancing our work-kids-mom lives, helping others, raising our children with knowledge, and personal life stories that were sometimes funny, and sometimes heart wrenching. View Post


respwithrbcNow that my daughter is back in school (finally! thank goodness!) it gives me more time to organize our lives and start planning for the future. Although university and college may seem so far away right now, I look at my 8 year old daughter and think – where did that time go?

In 10 years she’ll be ready for higher education and we need to be prepared (especially when her younger brother will be doing the same thing 6 years after her!). I’ve decided to open up RESPs for both of the kids to help save for their future schooling – and the best part? Family and friends can help contribute!

That’s right, instead of birthday presents and too many toys, friends and family can contribute to your child’s RESP and help save for school!  View Post


First Day of School

First Day of School 2014


After three full weeks of Teacher-Government negotiations here in BC, we finally have our First Day of School!!

If you’ve a regular reader of the blog you may remember how upsetting this whole Teachers Strike was for me and our family, but thankfully they’ve come to some sort of a resolution for now – getting our kids back to school is so important! And I’m so thankful that things are slowly starting to get back to normal!

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Whistler Village Beer Festival 2014Whistler is a popular destination for travellers and tourists all year long, and while I adore the winter season (and all the snow! and all the skiing!), there’s something about summertime in Whistler that has my heart. It’s a gorgeous and pretty little village full of excitement and fun things to do, surrounded by sweeping mountain ranges.

How can you go wrong when there’s beer added to that equation?

The second annual Whistler Village Beer Festival took place last weekend, it was full of fun debuachery, craft brewing companies, foosball & frisbee, and even a roasted pig dinner!  View Post



When the temperatures start to cool down, I notice changes in my skin and I’m quick to switch up my regular skin regime to accommodate it. My skin starts getting dry, so I begin to use a more nourishing face cream, and start moisturizing my body religiously! One thing I sometimes forget? To keep wearing sunscreen!

Have you seen “How The Sun Sees You” yet? This video, created by Thomas Leveritt, uses the lens of a UV camera to show the signs of sun damage and skin aging, as well as the benefits of sunscreen as a shield against UV rays. It’s pretty shocking, and I would love to see what my skin looks like under a UV lens. Check out the video below: View Post


Minimalist "Playroom" c/o Houses Interior Design

Minimalist “Playroom” c/o Houses Interior Design

With de-cluttering on my brain, I’ve come across a lot of blog posts and articles about our kids’ toys and minimalism – or rather that toys ≠ minimalism. Shocking, isn’t it? I’m always limiting toys, purging toys, donating and selling toys – but it’s like a plague over here, they keep coming back! It’s like they’re all hiding under the bed, waiting for me to get rid of the ‘sucky’ toys, and come out with a vengeance. Yes, the toys.

You might know that I’m taking a well-deserved break this weekend in Whistler, but come Monday I’ll be de-cluttering and getting rid of even more toys, to at least a minimum level, an acceptable, easy-to-clean level. But what is that level exactly? How many toys is enough?  View Post