Hey everybody! I hope you’ve had a great 2014! My year was full of ups and downs, but one of the most amazing things that happened was finishing our house build and moving in!


// Building Our Dream Home, Pt. 1 // explains all the history behind purchasing our building lot, how we got to the west coast, and how we first started figuring out how to build a house.
// Building Our Dream Home, Pt. 2 // the second stage of our house build – metal beams are in and the ceiling going up – it was an exciting time!


// Building Our Dream Home, Pt. 3 // the stairs were finally put in – a major accomplishment to be able to go upstairs from the inside of the house!
// Building Our Dream Home, Pt. 4 // much of the exterior was finished at this point – metal cladding, brick, and windows made it feel like a real house!


// Living in Our Dream Home // I took a few pictures of the kitchen and living area upstairs – we had fully moved in but still had to deal with moving boxes, and living in an unfinished space.


// The Master Bedroom // showing off our bed and the simplicity of our bedroom. We’ve since added a few things, but I still need to add some furniture and art!
// The Home Office // I was so excited to finally have my own space to work, write, and be creative in!

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I hope you have a wonderful time ringing in the New Year tonight! Here’s to an awesome 2015!

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A beer advent calendar. What a novel idea! Why should kids have all the fun? Remember advent calendars? Waking up each December morning to pop open that day’s surprise, usually chocolate or a little trinket? The Craft BeerAdvent Calendar does the same thing – but for adults, and with beer!

The Calgary-based Craft Beer Importers Canada have assembled the BeerAdvent Calendar for the past three years running, a large advent calendar that contains 24 different craft beers, from 17 different countries on six continents. Each day, I was pleasantly surprised with our beer findings – there were different varieties and styles of beers, from light lagers to black stouts, from places like Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, and Israel.

I posted each of our beer discoveries on Instagram, and I’ve brought together all 24 pictures of beer below:


The BeerAdvent Calendar was an awesome Christmas present to ourselves! It because our evening ritual to pull a chilled bottle out of the fridge and split it between the two of us after dinner. I can’t wait until the 2015 calendar comes out next fall! Check out the BeerAdvent Calendar on Facebook & Twitter!



In a flurry of sparkly torn up wrapping paper, indulgent foods that left a bit too much on our waistlines, and, in my case, a snowy white mountain of balled-up tissues, Christmas has come and gone. I spent my holiday attempting to survive. The flu had hit me hard and I spent most of last week medicating myself and sleeping.

There were moments that I felt a bit more energetic, so I would use it to bake cookies, wrap presents, clean up, make dinner – and then collapse on the couch, shivering in a feverish haze, and falling asleep by 8 pm.

But besides my failing health, we had a wonderful Christmas. The kids were spoiled, as usual, with loads of new Lego, teddy bears, and tons of trains to add to their collection. We had a delicious homemade fondue dinner for Christmas Eve, with smoked sausages, pretzel buns, and those tiny pickles my daughter loves, and for Christmas we went out to have a turkey dinner at a restaurant in Whistler.

Now that I’m feeling better, if not 100% healthy then at least 90% better than last week, I’m slowly getting back into the groove of things. I have some exciting news to share in the next couple of weeks, but for now I’m busying myself with the business of organizing, purging, and getting ready for the New Year. Ta for now!



I love wrapping presents. In fact, one of my very first jobs was working as the gift-wrapper at The Body Shop during the holiday season! I loved it because I got to wrap gifts all day long, and I smelt absolutely delicious when I got home from work! I’m always on the lookout for beautiful wrapping papers and bags, but I find myself doing more and more ‘diy’ wrapping.

DIY wrapping paper makes the gifts more personable, unique, and one of a kind. It becomes a truly special gift when wrapped in a unique, homemade wrapping paper, or when layering it with different colours, pom poms, or sprigs of green. Check out these amazing, unique and creative gift wrapping ideas! I find all of these ideas so inspiring I had to share them with you all!


The adorable Kraft-wrapped boxes with a sprig of green make perfect containers for homemade cookies (from Project Wedding). I am in love with the woodland-inspired gift wrap from Odessa May Society, it’s so simple and perfectly Christmas! The modern and minimal typographic styling, from Man Made DIY, is very cool and fun to make. View Post


christmas-tree-1 christmas-tree-7


Our Christmas tree this year has been very much influenced by the nature around us. Looking out the window, we’re surrounding by trees, streams, mountains, and the ocean. Our home is a blank slate, and while I love its’ minimalist feel, I definitely wanted to add a bit of warmth and naturalness to our faux Christmas tree.

Last year’s tree was full of glitz and glam – I added a hint of blue to my usual black and white tree, but the colour scheme didn’t seem to fit the feel I was going for. All the black and blue ornaments are gone this year, and all the silver ribbons have been replaced by twine and burlap! Our silver star has even been replaced by a rustic rattan-wrapped star. View Post



Mornings always have the tendency to get wild and hectic, especially when something “important” is happening that day! As Christmas approaches, there seems to be more and more “important” things happening, and we seem to spend our mornings shouting at each other to ‘hurry up!’ as we rush out the door just in time to miss the bus! I can’t be the only one to have mornings like this! (Above: Sorel slippers & Mug from Chapters)

I’ve been reading an amazing book on getting my life together and applying time management skills along with gratitude, in order to have a happier ME with a simpler life – don’t worry, next week I’ll be telling you all about this must-have book. But this book has made me take a look at the problem areas in my life, things that make me stress out, things that don’t go smoothly, and see where I’m going wrong and how to fix them.

What makes a good morning? The ideal morning would have me in a cozy robe and warm slippers, sipping a delicious tea in my favourite mug. Lunches for school and daycare are ready in the fridge, made the night before, and the kids wake up on time and in good spirits, ready for a simple breakfast that they would actually eat!

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