Dora the Explorer Live! in Vancouver

Calling all families in the Vancouver area! Dora the Explorer Live! is coming back to Vancouver in June for an exciting show for all ages! Koba Entertainment is proud to bring audiences its celebrated theatrical production starring the adventurous explorer, Dora! Nickelodeon’s Dora the Explorer Live! Search for the City of Lost Toys will sweep the nation in spring 2015.

Dora is embarking on her most important mission yet in Nickelodeon’s Dora the Explorer Live! Search for the City of Lost Toys. Dora has lost her teddy bear, and the search is on to find him. With help from the audience, Boots, Map, Backpack, Diego and more, Dora uses her directional, counting, musical and language skills to successfully pass through the Number Pyramid and the Mixed-up Jungle to reach the City of Lost Toys. But watch out! You never know what that sneaky fox Swiper might be up to along the way! View Post


Spring in the BC Mountains

Spring is bursting into the West Coast and I’m inviting it in with arms wide open! On days that I get to work from home, I’m greeted with these beautiful views outside my windows. If you could believe it, most of the day was grey and rainy, then sometime after lunch the skies parted and in came the glorious, warm sun!

The beautiful weather outdoors serves as a great reminder to deep clean my house… What?… That sun beaming in? It’s beaming in through dusty windows, finger-print covered windows. Suddenly, I’m aware that the walls and ceiling are covered in a fine layer of dust, which is gross, by the way. So before I run out to enjoy the weather, I try to tackle some deep cleaning in the house.

We keep our home pretty minimal, so there isn’t too much dusting to do. But inside there are high ledges to dust, a thorough mopping is always great, and cleaning out the bathroom drawers is a chore that I’m really starting to hate! View Post


Frigidaire Custom-Flex Fridge in a Modern Kitchen

Frigidaire Custom-Flex Fridge in a Modern Kitchen

Frigidaire Custom-Flex Fridge in a Modern Kitchen

When I was asked to be an Ambassador for Frigidaire I was absolutely thrilled – it couldn’t have come at a better time. My family had quickly outgrown the small European-style fridge that we’d had for less than a year, the bottom freezer proved to be a problem for my toddler who couldn’t reach anything, and with every shopping trip our fridge would be packed to the brim – which led to a lot of food spoilage in the end.

I fell in love with the Frigidaire Custom-Flex Top Freezer Fridge with Smudge-Proof Stainless Steel from the start. The ability to customize the fridge to my family’s needs is great, as well as the fridge’s ability to adapt to change as we grow as well. The brightly-lit fridge with glass shelving allowed us to find things easily, had ample room for all of our food, and tons of room for veggies and fruits.

My kids can easily find and grab their own snacks, like yogurts, baby carrots, juices, or cheese, which teaches them self-reliance and gives them confidence in establishing independence in the home. They try to clean up after themselves, which is absolutely darling – although I need to do a quick wipe-up after! But that’s the great thing about this fridge, if little fingers are all over it, a quick wipe and it looks new again! View Post


What You Need to Know About Coconut Water

I have always loved the idea of coconut water – it’s super hydrating and full of amazing health benefits – but I slowly came to realize that not all coconut waters are created equally. While some big brands are simply jumping on the coconut water wagon, there are brands that carefully source their coconuts and aim for the purest flavour possible.

Cocozia is an exciting coconut water company that recently reached out to me and I jumped at the chance to try a new brand. In the past, I’ve tried coconut waters that were barely drinkable, but Cocozia is delicious and really quenches your thirst. It has a light flavour with only a touch of naturally-derived sweetness.

What is coconut water?

Coconut water is the juice that is found inside a young and tender coconut. The clear liquid found inside is sweet, sterile, and composed of unique chemicals such as sugars, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, enzymes, amino acids, cytokine, and photo-hormones.

The prime age for a coconut is 5-7 months old for the best tasting coconut water. Each coconut contains about 200 to 1000 ml of water, depending on type and size. Different species of coconut palms yield different tasting coconuts, and different regions show to have variations on taste and flavour as well.

Pure coconut water is best

The best coconut water comes straight from the source – a 6 month old green coconut that’s hanging from a  tree in the Philippines. What’s the next best option? Look for coconut water that’s pure, organic, and with no additives or preservatives. Although raw coconut water has the most nutrients and minerals, unpasteurized coconut water can be dangerous when kept at room temperature or higher. View Post


Coffee Cup & A Book

Right this second, I’m taking a deep breath.

A long, deep breath. Inhale, exhale.

There is so much going on in our lives right now that it’s been nearly impossible to get a blog post out – hence the quiet times here on the blog. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break, isn’t it?

When everything is going full force, to pull back from just one thing is a huge relief. But then I start to miss blogging – the writing, the interacting, the community, the fun of it all!

Sometimes I feel like I’m walking on a tight rope juggling stacks of items – like books and frying pans, paperwork and coffee cups – and there’s only one way to go on this wobbly tight rope, and that’s forward, towards an opening that’s too small for me to go through unless I crouch down and drop some of my shit.

xo. M


Refresh Market in Squamish

The vintage, handmade & pop-up Refresh Market is coming back to Squamish on April 25th at the West Coast Railway Heritage Park, from 10am – 5pm. This family-friendly event showcases over 70 handpicked vendors from the Sea to Sky area, and offers a wide range of new, handmade and vintage clothing, accessories, home decor, children’s items and more.




April is National Oral Health Care Month which means there’s no better time to start taking better care of those pearly whites. With many unknown dangers associated with poor oral health that extend beyond just cavities, it’s important to make sure your quality of life isn’t impacted in a bad way; Oral pain, missing teeth and infections are no fun to deal with. So take care of your entire body—including your mouth—for a head to toe reinvigorated you.

Here are some ways to practice excellent oral health care for you and your family:

Teach good habits at a young age

 Many of us know that good (and bad) habits are hard to break. Teach your children good oral health care habits early on, as it will get them in a daily routine and help avoid future dental troubles. Did you know that 60-90% of children experience tooth decay?1.  Introduce toothpaste with fluoride like Orajel™ Super Mario ™ Kids Fluoride Toothpaste after the age of 2 years or when your dentist recommends it to help fight cavities from the get-go. To make teeth time extra fun, try new Spinbrush™ My Little Pony ™ or Super Mario ™ battery brushes so kids can practice healthy habits with the help of their favourite characters. Children under age 3 years should use the brush under adult supervision. View Post