Summer is officially here and things are about to get hectic! Kids are home from school, day camps are planned, my business is almost ready to open,  and I’m really looking forward to heading to Toronto at the end of summer for my sister’s wedding!! With such busy times ahead, I know I have to really find some time to take care of myself and try to stay healthy.

Here are some tips for a positively glowing summer!

1. Drink Lots of Water

Drinking water keeps you hydrated and helps cool you down on those hot, sweaty days. It’s important to refuel your body and keep you energy levels up, up, up!

2. Sun in Moderation

I love the heat of the sun, but too much of it can lead to problems. Remember to wear sunscreen, a fabulous hat and some hipster shades to protect yourself from harmful rays. During peak times, go inside and cool off with some lemonade and gin… View Post


Mudderella Whistler 2015

I made a commitment to myself that 2015 was going to be my year of self-care. On this journey so far I’ve lost 30 pounds, engaged in an enlightening desire map workshop, and have rediscovered my entrepreneurial spark and have started a new business – and learnt a ton about myself along the way!

One thing I knew even before this journey is that I’ve never loved to exercise. Isn’t that horrible? But I’ve decided to change that – I’ve decided that I need to change my mindset and embrace the sweat. (Ew.) I preach to my kids about the importance of daily activity and getting outside, but I wasn’t getting it myself. I realized that I need to be more of a role model and actually DO the things I preach and get my kids involved.

How better to challenge myself than to do the Mudderella this year in Whistler, BC, with three of my most fabulous friends? How better to prove the importance of physical activity to my kids than engaging in something so off-the-wall and fun and MESSY like the Mudderella!? Being a role model is important to me – but the Mudderella itself looks INSANELY FUN. Check it out…

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Build-A-Bear Honey Girls Giveaway

Build-A-Bear has played a large role in my daughter’s life from the time she’s been a little baby girl. She received her first bear from her babysitter when she was less than 2 years old, a reindeer named ‘Moose‘, with Christmas lights on its’ antlers that flashed red and green. Since then, she’s amassed quite a collection of bears, some of her favourites include a Dashchund named ‘Hot Dog’ with roller skates, a multi-coloured bunny named ‘Skittles’, a dragon named ‘Toothless’,  and an awesome grey bear named ‘Rocker’, with flames on his feet and a snowboard in his hands (paws?).

So when Build-A-Bear and Mom It Forward asked me to share the new Honey Girls with my readers (that’s you fabulous folks!), I jumped at the chance and was super exited to show my daughter just how awesome these new bears are!

The Honey Girls are Teegan, Risa, and Viv, who met at school and formed their own band. Each one has her own strengths and talents that help the friends “be brighter together”. I adore the positive messages that the Honey Girls bring, especially to school-aged girls trying to maneuver friendships at this sometimes difficult age! The Honey Girls show that being yourself is super important. View Post



Summer is in full swing here and to cool down, I love an iced Americano! My daughter prefers the adorable S’mores Frappucinno’s  made without coffee, while my son chooses a healthy juice smoothie! Enter to win a $50 Starbucks card to cool down with your favourite beverage! View Post


ipad Giveaway

I have many work tools, but my favourite and most useful  have to be my iPhone and my iPad Mini. My phone and my iPad are synced with each other, so no matter where I am I can get work done on either! That’s why I’m so excited to be offering this wicked giveaway! View Post


What's in my makeup bag?

What's in my makeup bag?

What's in my makeup bag?

I’m a makeup lover.

I still remember being a little girl and watching my mom do her makeup for a special event. She expertly blended her tricolour eye makeup – pink to purple to blue – from an all-in-one Covergirl eye palette. It was the end of the 80s and bright colours were in!

Since then, I couldn’t wait to be allowed to wear makeup, and while I’ve learnt to appreciate the variety of makeup out there – especially when it comes to foundation and concealers – the eyes always have it.

I’ve spent years applying mascara and falsies to my lashes. The bigger, the better, I always say! It doesn’t matter if you look like Drag Queen material – THAT is a compliment, ladies! So when I recently spotted RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum at Shoppers Drug Mart (it was $59), I scooped that baby up and shared it on Instagram! It seems many of you can empathize with my eye lash situation (that I don’t have enough, obviously). View Post


Indoor Hammocks

There’s something about a hammock that just screams relaxation to me. I’ve never been a napper, but the handful of times I’ve had the opportunity to lay in a hammock, I’ve always fallen asleep. While an outdoor hammock is fabulous, an indoor hammock can add a bit of bohemian whimsy or luxe quirkiness to a space. View Post