Snap. Crackle. Pop.

Those three words evoke so many memories from childhood for me, the Rice Krispies jingle was always fun to sing and the three little elves were adorable – they were elves, right? My kids love the taste of Rice Krispies Original Cereal, but I have to admit that we use it more often to make Rice Krispies Marshmallow Squares than anything else.

I love picking up a new box of cereal from the store, and shaking it like a maraca! I have always used the original Rice Krispies Square recipe found on the box, but thankfully they have an online recipe as well! I tend to mix it up and add things to the squares from things I have at home – dried fruit, chocolate chips, cinnamon, white chocolate drizzle, or even M&Ms! View Post



Diaper changes are an ongoing challenge in my house – while my little one has been introduced to his potty and is definitely interested, he’s still seriously not ready for full-on potty training. So instead of ‘forcing’ it on him, I embrace it! He’s my last baby and I cherish every moment of his “baby-ness”, including diaper changes!


I recently discovered Huggies Little Movers Plus which are sold exclusively at Costco, which are perfect for my growing boy! They move with him, allowing him to be as free as possible, while providing a comfy and leak-free fit! Bonus: his favourite Disney characters are all over these soft diapers! View Post