“Little jump, biiiiig jump, and a flip into the foam pit!”

Heading to Bounce, in Whistler, is one of our families’ favourite activities. The kids, both big and small, rid themselves of any pent-up energy, learn new tricks and techniques, and it’s fun for mom and dad, too!

On one of our first trips to the trampoline wonderland, I decided to finally join in the fun! You know, stop being a “sidelines mom”, and experience things with my kids instead of just watching them have a good time. View Post


Scandinavian Christmas decor screams minimalism and whispers warmth and light. I am always drawn to Scandinavian spaces and love the way they are decorated for Christmas. I chose a variety of ‘looks’, but all have a similar theme. The beauty is in the simplicity, a colour-based theme, lots of light, and very nature-inspired.

Traditionally, a Scandinavian Christmas will be very white and red, with wood tones and rich, natural greens. When a natural tree is chosen, decorations seem to be sparse and thoughtful, or filled with vintage and colourful ornaments. Handcrafted ornaments, made of felt and wool, combined with candles, wood, and sparkly snowflakes fill these trees with warmth – but it’s never too much, just enough.

Many paper decorations are found in Scandinavian Christmas decor as well, with cut-outs of stars, trees, and simple dots used as decorations throughout the house. Branches of trees, bare or with evergreen needles, can easily decorate a simple nook, a bathroom, or a tabletop. A (faux) fur throws add a touch of luxury with a natural feel to a Scandinavian Christmas look. View Post