I know that being “busy” has suddenly become a dirty word of sorts, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I’m often busy and always looking for ways to simplify and ease my life. Groceries that are healthy, local, organic, and get delivered right to my door, even when I’m not there? That’s SPUD for you, and I’m a huge fan of their Vancouver-based grocery delivery service already.

For 2016, SPUD is urging people to join the #LetsNotWaste movement and save time, save money, eat better and waste less. View Post



We all start our new year’s off with the best of intentions… how are your resolutions doing?  I resolved to quit drinking and so far, so good! It’s been 23 days and counting… and I was just hoping that any excess weight on my body would just fall off, as weight is known to do.


I’m no longer getting the calories from alcohol, but I’ve quickly substituted it with pizza and birthday cake. I think focusing on one goal per month might make the most sense for me after all… Since the month is coming to an end, I’m going to slowly transition into my next goal – nutritious eating and being active. View Post




It can be difficult to tune out the world around me, and focus on what I’m really doing. Whether I’m coordinating events, managing my shop, planning social media, or even simply replying to emails, things don’t always get done if I get distracted. My mind easily trails off and I find myself absorbed in the next task and forget to finish what I was doing…

I’m a believer in multi-tasking (I’ve written about the subject here), however there are times when a duty or obligation needs your full attention. I’m also a believer in minimalism, in aesthetics and in life practice. The theory of minimalism can be applied to all things: how you dress yourself, your approach to food, the spaces you create, and even how you work. View Post



I don’t know how to do January without a deep cleaning, a purging of excess, and the motivation to change. I’ve noticed it’s becoming quite passé to have ‘New Year’s Resolutions’, as if the belief that the chiming of the clock at midnight will give you the resolve to change the entirety of your life is absolutely ridiculous – which it is.

My mother once told me that the way you spend January 1st is predictive of how the new year will become. For example, if you want to lose weight and create an active lifestyle, spend the first day of the year eating salads and jogging and it will put your life on the right path to achieve your goals. I think it’s some sort of Polish proverb.  View Post