For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a girl who absolutely loves cars. I think I can put the blame on my father, who would take me to various car dealerships to look at cars and pick up fancy brochures that we’d pore over at home. But while my dad would be more into the specifications of a car, I was always more into the details and features – leather seats, sports packages, chrome details, moon roofs, and upgraded tires were my focus.

My husband and I have been together for 13 years now (what?!), and bought and sold over six vehicles in that time (double what?!). I’ve become a pro at looking for vehicles on Autotrader, however I still have questions about the reliability of a vehicle and which specifications I should be focused on – V6 or V8? AWD or FWD? It can get tricky to make the right decision! View Post


Personalized Children Book by LostMy.Name Books created beautiful picture books with your children's name and character

Books are one of my most favourite gifts for children.

From baby board books to colourful picture books to novels and series, stories provide children with a creative outlet for their imaginations. I still remember my favourite stories from childhood, and I hope to expose my kids to stories and books that will stay with them as they become adults as well.

A personalized children’s book is even better! LostMy.Name books are a favourite for before-bed-storytime, because of their amazing stories, beautiful illustrations, and because your child is IN the story – how awesome is that? (Check out my review of ‘The Little Boy Who Lost His Name‘!) I was super stoked to find out that LostMy.Name created a new personalized book for kids called, ‘The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home’.  View Post


Shrimp & Sausage Paella Recip

I have no time to cook.

This is not an excuse or an understatement.

During the week we survive on take-out, eating out, or frozen meals, but on the weekends I force myself to cook. In all honesty, I LOVE to cook, and creating a meal for the family that every last one of them can eat with no complaints, well that’s like the gold medal of Olympic family dinners.

But weekends get busy with errands, house repairs, squeezed in work, and impromptu trips to the beach that make everyone hungry for dinner RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT. View Post



Do you ever look around your house and think – Where did all this STUFF come from?

It happens to the best of us. It happens to the ‘us’ that strive for minimalism in their daily life. It happens to mostly all of us. Especially when there are kids added to the equation.

I’m fairly diligent when it comes to purging toys and clothes, and donating or recycling them. I try to go through closets on a monthly basis to take out things that don’t fit right, I pull out toys that are no longer played with, but in all honestly, I usually do this alone.

Why do get rid of excess toys and clothes by myself? Because it’s easier!

There’s no children around to watch you get rid of their suddenly ‘favourite’ toys, their prized possessions that haven’t been touched in months… No whining about favourite t-shirts that are two sizes too small – it takes a lot faster to go through it quickly, throw it in a box, and donate it that same day.

But then it occurred to me that there’s no children watching me purge the excess stuff.

Kids do as they see – not necessarily what they’re told. They learn by watching. They see the example you set for them and they will follow it. Nobody likes to be lectured to and told what to do. And if the kids aren’t watching me remove the stuff that’s no longer needed, just hearing about it, how will they really understand? View Post