There’s writer’s block, and then there’s things you want to write about but you can’t.

These “unspoken things” take over your mind and make it hard to think about anything else. It’s true. You can’t talk about these things with just anyone, you can’t vent to your girlfriends or let the creativity fly loose on your blog. Nope, not allowed. So instead of being negative and discussing things that I simply can’t discuss… I’m gonna flip the script and write about the POSITIVES… I’m going to be as hopeful and optimistic as Carrie Bradshaw is about men and shoes. View Post


Long Wavy Hair Tutorial

How often do you wash your hair? I’m lucky if I get to wash it twice a week, and even then I don’t always have time to blowdry or style my hair the way I like to. I’m a mom, I work, I raise kids, I make food, I run businesses, I try to purchase school supplies online and cross my fingers they show up on time (they showed up today, a week after school started, by the way). I’m a busy mom, but I still like my hair to look good, which is why I LOVE dry shampoo, not only for nice smelling hair, but because they add a bit of volume and oomph to my hair style. View Post


World's Worst Back to School Mom Ever | bright colourful modern office school supplies Poppin

Today was my daughter’s first day of grade five. The summer just flew by and she’s back at school today! As I dropped her off at the bus stop I realised I was the World’s Worst Back-to-School Mom Ever. I’m dead serious. Let me explain.

Two and a half weeks ago I got the annual email from my daughter’s school which described the First Day of School schedule, how the first week at school will go, and what school supplies our kids need. I have a borderline Type-A personality* so when I saw the beautiful list of school supplies, gym clothes, and the request for a certain French/English dictionary, I got fairly stoked and jumped on Amazon right away to place an order.  View Post


The Best is Yet to Come Calendar

So yesterday’s post was tough, but today I’m looking forward to the future. We have so many dreams and ideas and thoughts about what’s going to happen in our lives. We asked ourselves if we could craft our lives, what would it look like? In answering that question we created some loose parameters to help point us to our future…  View Post


Modern Home

We’ve decided to put our house up for sale.

I really hate even typing that sentence. It was a difficult decision, one that took months and months of back and forth conversation, but in the end we decided it was the best thing we could do for our family. The house that we built from a dream. The house that we put months, even years, of sweat equity into, making it our own. (Check out our home tour here.) And yet… View Post


Kidsworx Bline Race

Our family loves mountain sports. We ski in the winter, but in the summer we are downhill mountain bikers. My daughter is 10 and she’s achieved so much in both sports at such a young age. I’m so proud of her, yet I can’t enjoy it with her because she’s WAY better than I am…!

She started off the summer winning first place in a Whistler Phat Kidz B-Line Race, which boosted her confidence immensely. Since that day, her DFX coaches have been raving about her improvement from June to September! I’m so proud of my little girl (who’s not so little anymore!) because she’s becoming a role model for girls in mountain biking! For whatever reason, downhill mountain biking is still one of those sports that’s focused on the boys, and there are a TON of boys of all ages in this sport. It seems the older the girls get, the less they participate in the sport. View Post


The Biggest Cup of Coffee In the World

So, today was just one of those days where I wish I could have stayed at home, hiding under the covers until the moon came out…

Life has been hectic from all angles (story of my life, right?), I’ve got busy businesses keeping me on my toes, I’ve got new businesses launching that have to be worked on, I’ve got a house that we’re finishing construction on and prepping for sale (possibly…!), and I’ve got two kids who’ve been biking all summer long and one ready for school to start next week (no, she’s not pumped about going back to school – that’s ME pumped about it!).

So today I have to run the shop – I get there about 9 am and we’re done after 7 pm, it’s a long day but it allows me to get multiple things done throughout the day. My husband asked me to pick up some items to complete the glass railings on the house, and although I’m a very helpful and capable person, I’m also a massive complainer. I try to get out of these extra ‘duties’ as much as I can, offering up suggestions on someone else who can pick them up, giving excuses about how busy I am, and then finally realising that I am actually the only option to do this said errand and I pout about it. I can be a big baby sometimes. View Post