Rain boots puddle jumping surviving the rainy season with kids

It’s rainy season here on the west coast! Puddle jumping and splashing in the mud can be a ton of fun with the kids, but someone has to clean that mess up after. (hint: that someone is me) I am the mom that pushes my kids out the door, even in sucky weather. My four year old is still in the age group that can be waterproofed from head to toe – rain boots and a muddy buddy is his go-to wardrobe! But my 10 year old? She won’t even wear her rain boots let alone an appropriate jacket for the weather (how old do I sound?!). View Post


Bulletproof Coffee - does it really work? How would it affect my mind and body?

There’s no question that I love my coffee! I’m meticulous about the coffee brewing process and the type of beans I use. I’ve special ordered a limited edition coffee bean from a craft coffee house in Portland. I watch coffee review videos on youtube. I think I’m on my way to becoming a coffee snob…

I was very excited to be test driving Bulletproof Coffee for a week, which is a cup of freshly brewed Upgraded Coffee blended with a grass-fed butter and Brain Octane oil. Adding healthy fats to your morning coffee is supposed to make you feel satiated until lunch, and help with focus, performance, and energy!

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