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Margarita Wyld is an influencer, writer, and entrepreneur. She is a wife and mama to two beautiful children, and lives in beautiful British Columbia.

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MargaritaWyld.com is about minimalism for working moms, vibrant living and wellbeing. I write about creating a life you love while embracing the tools of minimalism.

For me, vibrant living means that you are fully alive and present in all that you do. It’s about being awake (or woke, for the hip readers out there) in  your everyday life, embracing the little joys and creating a simple life that is enough.

Want to learn more about how minimalism can help your life?

Do you want to know how minimalism can make you a better parent?

How minimalism can help anxiety symptoms?

Do you think minimalism could help your relationship?

Embracing minimalism, especially as a mother, really helped me thrive at home, in my business, and with my family.

But wait!

There’s more to minimalism than grabbing a garbage bag and decluttering your home – want to learn more about how minimalism can help you thrive in your life? Start here.

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