airstream dreams

If you follow me on pinterest you might have noticed all the airstream pictures I’ve been pinning lately… Jay & I have decided to take the plunge and purchase an airstream trailer! We haven’t purchased it yet, and we’re tossed up between a 31 footer and a 26 footer 70s-era airstream trailer, but we’re so inspired to make it our own minimalist dream!


Jay & I love to travel but since having the kids our travel has dwindled down immensely. We get these grand ideas of road trips down the West Coast, but then I start to get anxious and worry about the kids – the two of us can easily sleep in a car, grab a night in a Bed & Breakfast, eat whenever we’re hungry – basically travel and not have to PLAN it all to the last second.


Travelling with children doesn’t need a full-out planned trip, but you need to be PREPARED. Snacks, diapers, places to sleep, places to play, places to rest, places to eat! Child-friendly activities need to be done, budget-friendly trips to parks and beaches need to be on the list of things to do. Stress on the word ‘budget-friendly’.


As much as I love staying in gorgeous hotels, it gets¬†tres expensiv with TWO kids in tow. 1 or 2 bedroom suites don’t come cheap, if you can even find them, and it drives me crazy to go out of town for a long weekend, say to Seattle, and have to spend over $1000 on a hotel room.


So what if you take the boutique hotel room WITH you? I’m convinced we can create a gorgeous abode, perfect for our little family of 4 that has all the comfort and style of a four or five star boutique hotel – do you think we can make our dream come true?


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