April + May Instagrams


Life has simply flown by these past two months, and between finishing our house build, moving in, dealing with a broken bone, and starting up a new business – I forgot to post instagrams from both April & May! I’ve been posting a picture for everyday of 2014 – aka Project 365 – (sometimes I’m late, sometimes I have more than one!) and sharing some of my favourites here on the blog!

Here are some of my favourite pictures from April & May! (Did you miss January, February or March?)




Photos from the top:

1. Move in day! Holland crawling under the tv stand…
2. Holland’s cute little face
3. Transporting 15′ Reclaimed Wood Beams in my Jeep
4. A campfire at our house
5. Delicious strawberry & spinach salad
6. Chanel being a hula hoop superstar in Whistler
7. The view from our neighbourhood
8. Shopping at Ikea!
9. Holland attempting to hula hoop
10. Driving home and grabbing a shot of the Chief

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