The Art of Persuasion #StreamTeam

The Art of Persuasion #StreamTeam

When you find a new show that you absolutely want to watch on Netflix, that last thing you want to do is watch it alone – amiright?! However, not everyone in my household is interested in the same amazing shows I am (like Downton Abbey, The Crown, Chef’s Table, or Chelsea) – well, they’re not interested in them at first!

The perfect couch partner is just one persuasive conversation away from joining me in watching a new show – and I’ve heard ALL the excuses: It looks boring. I don’t like history. I don’t know who this is. I don’t like to watch food, it makes me hungry. But despite the excuses they might bring to the table, no one can beat me when it come to the power of persuasion (and good tv!).

The Art of Persuasion #StreamTeam

Sometimes, people think that they won’t like a show, or that they won’t connect with it, or that it won’t be entertaining – but you really can’t say that until you try, right? How many times have you watched a movie that you really wanted to see, only to watch it and not be as in love with it. And I’ve had the opposite happen too – I would really resist watching a tv show or a movie, only to finally watch it and fall in love!

Netflix created this awesome little flow chart to help convince our family members to watch Chef’s Table, a show that I absolutely LOVE to watch because it’s super inspiring – but not everyone is so excited… No problem, just follow these prompts and the ultimate show description will guarantee to end in quality family time!

Netflix Chef's Table Flowchart

How do you convince your family members or significant other to watch your favourite Netflix show with you?



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