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10 benefits of being a minimalist family

There are so many benefits to embracing a minimalist lifestyle, too many for one blog post. As a minimalist working mom I struggled with helping my wannabe minimalist family understand the concepts, finally learning to lead by example and hope that some of it sunk in.

Over time, I’ve seen my children flourish in a minimalist home, I’ve watched our relationships grow into a happy and connected family. Like I said, there are so many benefits to becoming a minimalist, but after some thought, here are my favourite benefits of becoming a minimalist family.

1. Space

It seems obvious, but having less stuff creates more physical and mental space. Have you ever cleaned out a drawer, removed every last thing, and then found yourself not wanting to fill that drawer back up? It’s because open spaces are inviting and clean. Physically, we feel better in a space that’s uncluttered, neat and tidy. Calming spaces also take off the mental load that afflicts our daily lives, and this applies to children as well. When a kid has a calm and tidy room, there is more focus and space to play, and less crazy in my home. Minimalism can provide the space in our lives that you didn’t even know you needed. View Post


How Minimalism Changed My Life (And Can Change Yours Too!)

At the beginning of every year, we are so full of it, aren’t we?

Not only are we going to lose 20 pounds, incorporate a new diet plan (vegan/keto/atkins/whatever), become more calm and centered (meditate!), workout three times a week, be a better wife/girlfriend/mother, get that promotion or launch/expand your business, learn to speak Italian, and finally learn to keep our home clean. all. the. time. (Declutter!)

Resolutions, amiright?

And then what happens by the end of February…?

Do you even remember half of them?

Do you even know why you chose them?

What if we flipped that list upside down and started with the one crucial resolution that can actually change your life? Like actually, with real results!

For me, embracing minimalism changed my life, and is a contributing factor to my everyday life as a mom, as a wife, and as an entrepreneur. View Post


Are you ready for 2018 to begin?

I am. Definitely.

2017 wasn’t a wash, it wasn’t a failure or a disappointment. But it wasn’t an amazing year either. There was a lot of reflection. A lot of time to think and change, think and change… I think I’m still changing, evolving, and learning more about myself.

I am definitely ready for 2017 to be done with and 2018 to begin!

I don’t typically look back on the year and look back on what I’ve accomplished, but I think it might be necessary to focus on the positive. View Post


Margarita Wyld: On Creativity and Motherhood

For years, I have struggled with the self-confessed ‘work-life balance‘. I’ve written about it many times (read here, here, here, and here), I’ve pondered it in my personal journal, and, as the years go on, I’ve come to reevaluate this unrealistic notion of a ‘work-life balance’, and also how it applies to me and my life.

In retrospect, I wasn’t really looking for balance, instead I realized that I am looking to move forward and harness my creativity.

Moving forward means pushing my creative boundaries in writing, drawing, designing, curating, and even cooking. It means never staying still and, instead, feeling that energy and the vibe that being successful provides – especially when I have created something out of nothing. And what I realize over these past 12 years since becoming pregnant and becoming a mother to two children, is that I was never looking for balance in “work” and life, but rather, I was looking for a way to foster creativity despite the mundane, tiresome, and sometimes wretched aspects of life.

There were many times that I viewed being a wife and a mother and a homeowner as a bother. And that’s when I would fly off the ledge and succumb to the oppressive guilt of having negative feelings towards motherhood and housewife-ery and throw myself into those roles, headfirst, suddenly becoming the perfect wife/mom/homeowner for a short time before erupting into anger and tears and anxiety because I wasn’t being nourished by these roles. I didn’t get gold stars on my soul for having a clean bathroom, or cooking the perfect meal every single day. View Post


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Vegan Lettuce Wraps Recipe Paired with Red Wine #ShareWineandBites

The sun and the warm temperatures are making it feel like summer is still here – and I’m not complaining! I love to spend these last warm evenings on our patio, watching the sun go down across the ocean, listening to some jazz or chill house, and having a light meal with a delicious bottle of red.

View Post


How to go Vegan as a Family the Easy Way

42 days ago I said good bye to animal products and said hello to plant-based living. It’s been an adventure in vegan cooking, attempting to meal plan and balancing going out. You see, I realized that as a family, we LOVE to go out – not just for the food, but for the fun experience. It’s different than staying home… and there’s no dishes!

There was a bit of an adjustment period for me to start cooking almost each and every night. Not being able to “just pick something up”, order pizza, or go to the kid’s favourite hamburger joint. There is NO back up plan. If we get home late, there better be something to make and FAST, just to fill up the rumbling tummies at our table.

It’s been 42 days and here are some tips for going vegan as a family, that I’ve learned this past month. View Post


How I Made The Switch To Safe Beauty Products A few months ago, I made a call out to the world and asked you guys (and everyone I knew!) about SAFE skincare and makeup products. I wanted to do a beauty detox, and that meant going through my bathroom treasure drawer and ridding it of products that were full of harsh chemicals and making the switch to safe beauty products. Why was I doing this?

This whole year has been very reflective, and I’ve struggled with happiness, depression, anxiety, my fitness and my health. Health has been a big change for me this year. I’ve been ignoring my health for years, and it shows. I was overweight, unhappy, and I needed to make a change.

I have an incredible life coach who has helped me on my journey. Our whole family has become healthier and more active, and I’ve even started eating a plant-based diet! I cared so much about what I was putting into my body and how active I was being with my body, and I started to care more and more about what I was putting on my body. View Post


4 Ways to Get Your Car Ready for a Road Trip

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Hey guys, remember my road trip to Fernie last month? It was an absolute blast and the whole family had a TON of fun. I was so surprised that the kids could make the long multi-day drives without killing each other! We’re so excited to take another road trip, and we’ve been planning out different routes across the country!

Are you and your family planning to take a road trip? There’s a few tips and tricks that we used to get our car ready for a road trip. But first it’s important to get your car road trip ready! I stopped by my local Canadian Tire to prepare for our road trip. View Post


Design Inspiration Brass Details

I’ve started to daydream about home design, and have been pinning and browsing tons of home inspo… I can’t wait to design our next home! I’ve really been into hints of brass lately. Brass detailing on a chair, in the kitchen, on handles, hooks, or plant holders. Just a little touch of brass adds a bit of warmth, a bit of nostalgia, and a bit of class to a place.

A brass detail completes the look, like a piece of jewelry can do for an outfit. Check out my favourite brass detail inspiration. View Post


Where to Stay in Fernie | Mountain Lodge Accommodation in Fernie, BC

Fernie is a small mountain town in the Rockies of British Columbia, and a beautiful place to go if you want to explore nature, eat delicious food, be active outdoors, and have fun with your friends and family! My family & I took a road trip to Fernie this summer, and fell in love with the historic downtown, the sweeping mountain views, and all the fun experiences Fernie has to offer in the summer.

Are you wondering where you should stay in Fernie? Here are my favourite accommodations in Fernie, BC. View Post


The Art of Persuasion #StreamTeam

When you find a new show that you absolutely want to watch on Netflix, that last thing you want to do is watch it alone – amiright?! However, not everyone in my household is interested in the same amazing shows I am (like Downton Abbey, The Crown, Chef’s Table, or Chelsea) – well, they’re not interested in them at first!

The perfect couch partner is just one persuasive conversation away from joining me in watching a new show – and I’ve heard ALL the excuses: It looks boring. I don’t like history. I don’t know who this is. I don’t like to watch food, it makes me hungry. But despite the excuses they might bring to the table, no one can beat me when it come to the power of persuasion (and good tv!). View Post