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30-Day Yoga & Smoothie Challenge

Summer is finally here – the skies are blue, the sun is shining, and it is hot out there. I am loving it! I love having our patio doors wide open, the kids are able to play outside all day long, and we can enjoy a meal and a drink outside on the deck. It’s heaven. I should be living in Hawaii or Malibu.

With the lovely weather I’ve been inspired to move more – yes, I get super sweaty and gross. The definition of a hot mess. Who cares? I wish I was inspired to work out more when it was winter, but it’s the sunshine that makes me want to move it and lose it! The weight, that is. Bad pun?

Over the last few years I’ve been seen the pictures and glanced in full length mirrors at clothing stores, and I’ve been watching myself slip away. I don’t recognize myself anymore. When I weigh myself I get stunned. How did I get here? How did I allow this to happen? View Post


5 Fabulous Ways to Be Happy Right Now

Are you looking for a way to increase your happiness right now? We all have our moments when we struggle with positivity and feel overwhelmed with our lives, and although it may seem difficult we can snap out of it! Here’s a little bit of tough love, ready for it?

We are responsible for our own happiness. Shit happens, life is tough, and yet we must continue – and why not do it with a smile on your face? Here are 5 fabulous ways to be happy right now! View Post


I wanted the summer of literally nothing.

I wanted this summer to be the summer of literally nothing. I really, really did. The last few years have kicked my butt with activities, camps, and different sports – along with travel, work, and having a life of my own! So this summer I planned nothing… or so I thought.

I realized that the kids have mountain bike camp twice a week all summer long, plus they go to the trampoline centre a couple of times per week. We just completed our road trip, we have Crankworx coming up, we’re planning another trip at the end of summer… and when I actually laid it all out on a calendar I had a silent scream moment. View Post


Creating a Cozy Bedroom

Do you know what I love? The comfort of a big, comfy bed. It’s like a sanctuary, a place of respite, somewhere you can rest, nap, sleep, dream, and play on your phone…! To create a cozy bedroom, it takes a few key pieces – a fluffy duvet, a nice rug under your toes, big pillows you can prop yourself up with or sleep comfy on, mood lighting with candles and lamps, and some things that you love like books, snow globes, plants, or art!

To create a cozy bedroom the first step is to remove everything. If that seems like a daunting task, remove everything but furniture pieces that have to stay (bed, dresser, etc), and be sure to align those furniture pieces in a way that feels good. Trust me, taking everything out of the room is the best way to do this.

Next, only bring back the things that either have to be there (clothing in the dresser, for instance) or bring you comfort and joy. Oh yes, I’m going konmari on you. But to be honest, you can’t make a master bedroom cozy or comfy if it’s full of clutter and junk. Remove all the junk, and then continue! View Post


Why You Should Eat A Salad Every Day

I’ve been working on creating some balance in my life, between business, family, and my health and wellbeing. I love to indulge – who doesn’t, right? But I also like how I feel when I eat healthy, when my body gets the nourishment it needs. I’ve been working with a life coach for the past few months, (which is absolutely amazing and I recommend to anyone who’s thinking about it…!) and while the program is open-minded when concerning food and diets, there was one thing she recommended to everybody.

Eat a salad every day.

It’s so simple. Create one meal each day that’s devoted to fresh and seasonal veggies and fruits. Salads are full of nutrients, vitamins, and fibre, and they’re just so good for you! But if you’re like me, you might be hesitant to make the switch – I mean, a salad each and every day? Won’t I get bored? I quickly discovered that there are literally a million and one salad recipes, and if I’m strapped for time or out and about, there are some amazing options to throw together a quick and yummy salad! View Post


Best Restaurants in Whistler

There are so many amazing restaurants in Whistler that it can be difficult to choose where to eat! I love experiencing all the different options available for restaurants in Whistler, because it’s fun to explore all the different pubs, restaurants, and cuisines that are available! However, I do have my favourites… don’t we all?

I put together a list of my favourite restaurants in Whistler – the best pizza, my favourite breakfast, fine-dining restaurants – a bit of everything! Of course, there are so many incredible restaurants in Whistler, that I had to cut it down to just a few – my go-tos if you will! Enjoy! View Post


How to Practice Yoga at Home with Youtube Videos

Yoga studios are absolutely wonderful, and I really enjoy taking a class in a beautiful, completely zen space. However, I have found it so much easier doing yoga at home by following some amazing YouTube channels! Online videos have made it super easy to practice yoga at home – it eliminates driving time, it allows me to practice yoga at home on my own schedule, and it lets me choose which class I’d like to take!

As part of my self care pledge, I’m committing myself to move my body for at least 30 minutes each day – sometimes that means a yoga class, and sometimes that means a walk or some jumping on a trampoline. Practicing yoga at home makes my life easier because I work from home, and I live about 20 minutes away from the closest yoga studio! That would be at least 40 minutes out of my day for transportation time, when I can just skip the commute and put on an online video and do yoga at home! View Post


Sabich Recipe

On my trip to Israel, I discovered a ton of delicious food! But it wasn’t until my last day in Tel Aviv that I discovered the ultimate Israeli street food: the Sabich. A Sabich is a pita stuffed with delicious goodies – eggplant, potatoes, eggs, herbs, veggies, mango sauce – and while it’s meant to be eaten on the go, it is one of the messiest thing I’ve ever eaten. And I absolutely LOVE messy food.

I’ve been dreaming of Israel and wanted to make this Sabich recipe so my husband could know what I’ve been raving about – and he agrees, it’s absolutely amazing. The warm pita stuffed with fried eggplant, hearty potatoes, hard-boiled eggs that give it a creamy texture, and the freshness of a cucumber-tomato salad, with a spiciness throughout! This Sabich Recipe is just what I needed to curb my wanderlust… well, maybe just for now! View Post


Modern Outdoor Patio FurnitureIt’s patio season again! Finally! This winter has been rough for the Pacific Northwest – so. much. rain. I’m so happy we’ve had a few days of sunshine, and it’s inspired us to get our patio going! I’ve been scouring pinterest and all my favourite design magazines for outdoor dining and patio inspiration. We’ve picked out a patio set but now I have to dress it up with table runners, candles, plants… I’m so excited for warm nights eating and drinking on our patio! View Post


beauty detox

I’ve noticed that I really care about what’s in the food I eat, and I tend to stay away from ingredients that aren’t derived from nature or are full of chemicals I can’t pronounce. I read labels to try to find the most nutritious and healthy foods I can – so why don’t I do the same with beauty products?

I’ve decided to give my beauty kit a massive detox – getting rid of items with toxic and cancer-causing ingredients, and changing them out for products made naturally and cruelty-free, with ingredients derived from nature, when possible. I’ve discovered there are so many options out there – why I haven’t I started using them before? View Post


36 Hours in Harrison Hot Springs

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Harrison Hot Springs for 36 hours – it’s the perfect quick getaway and just about an hour from the city of Vancouver, but it feels like it’s a million miles away! Harrison Hot Springs has been a place I’ve wanted to visit for so long and when the opportunity came along in the form of a blogger retreat hosted by the fabulous Connie with, how could I resist? View Post