do the work. get shit done.

This is the time to do the work. This is my year of #GetShitDone.

Entrepreneur life doesn’t always go as planned, and there are times where I really spread myself waaaay too thin. The funny thing is, I don’t actually recognize when I’m sinking until I’m already deep in shit. True story. View Post



I think I’m failing at this whole “pick a word/phrase/intention” for 2017 thing. I know, it’s four weeks into the year and I still haven’t picked one.

What in the world am I talking about? You KNOW what I’m talking about…. On that magical first day of the year, everyone picks a “word of the year”, an intention, a path that pushes you forward – that motivates you to be the person you want to be – the person you deserve to be…. View Post


but first champagne

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a new year… and I’m full of hope and wide-eyed optimism that everything I want to accomplish and that everything I want to change is possible. I can make it all happen. I believe in it.

I just have to hustle. I have to organize and prioritize and work my ass off so I can reach and exceed my goals. We can all do it. We just have to believe in it and put ourselves to work.

What are your goals for 2017? How will you accomplish them?



Modern Gold Piggy Bank

As our kids grow older we strive to have open conversations about different things like school and friends, but also about more serious topics like money. Money isn’t always the most fascinating topic to a kid, but once we involved our kids in financial conversations, certain things peaked their interest.

Most kids know that their guardian works and makes money. That money is spent on groceries, bills, and sometimes fun stuff. Helping kids understand the value of that money, how to create a budget, and spend money wisely gives them a good foundation for their adult lives. View Post



Hey Small Business Owners and Creative Entrepreneurs!

When it comes to branding your business what do you think of?

Do you think of your font choices, colour palettes, and logos? Do you daydream about business cards, websites, and chic packaging for your products? That’s great! But when it comes to truly branding your business, you’re only halfway there…

As a Creative Entrepreneur or a Small Business Owner, whether you provide a virtual product, coaching, physical products online or brick-and-mortar style, branding your business is an important part of your overall business strategy. Your branding should reflect the actual essence of the business. Think of the branding process as a unique opportunity to discover your business’ personality. View Post




It can be difficult to tune out the world around me, and focus on what I’m really doing. Whether I’m coordinating events, managing my shop, planning social media, or even simply replying to emails, things don’t always get done if I get distracted. My mind easily trails off and I find myself absorbed in the next task and forget to finish what I was doing…

I’m a believer in multi-tasking (I’ve written about the subject here), however there are times when a duty or obligation needs your full attention. I’m also a believer in minimalism, in aesthetics and in life practice. The theory of minimalism can be applied to all things: how you dress yourself, your approach to food, the spaces you create, and even how you work. View Post


I Just Can't

I can feel it.

Starting in the back of my neck, a pain, just in that crook above my right shoulder blade.

It starts to spread to the other side, as I’m hunched over my keyboard, multi-tasking my life away. Phones ringing, papers flying everywhere, it’s like the beginning of some movie where the bored-with-life cubicle-caged employee snaps and goes off on a spontaneous adventure.

My cage, however, is self-made. A desk that is smack dab in the middle of my home. Always there, always eyeing me, always letting me know that my to-do list is never done. No door to shut it away.

This IS my adventure.

I remind myself of that. I chose this. Well, not THIS current panic-driven state. But I chose to be self-employed, to create a business, and run it as best I can.

But there’s days that I simply can’t do it all. Days where absolutely everything goes wrong, and surprise – it’s my fault.

A simple math equation…

Everything Goes Wrong

I’m tired. My mind is constantly running around in circles, trying to remember the tasks that need to be done for all the different projects. I am constantly forgetting things. I am making mistakes, more often than not. I used to be the one catching others’ mistakes and being frustrated with their inability to do a simple math equation. How the tables have turned…

Step away… View Post