We are a home of Nutella lovers. Since I was a little girl I’ve been eating Nutella on toast as a snack, or for breakfast, or for dessert… & when we discovered that my daughter was allergic to peanuts, she too became a Nutella-holic. While kids are eating PB&Js elsewhere, we eat Nutella.


Since there’s usually a large amount of the chocolate hazelnut spread found in my house, I try to find new and different uses for it. Some are quick and easy – adding a spoonful to a latte, spreading it on crackers – while some are a bit more adventurous – Brie & Nutella Panini, anyone?

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With a batch of chili stewing in my slow cooker right now, I thought I would share with you my absolute favourite, go-to chili recipe. Even with children invading your kitchen, you will find this super easy to make, and on these cold winter nights, a warm bowl of chili soothes the grumpiest of people!

Delicious to eat Slow Cooker Chili - easy to make in a Crock Pot! Thanks to @west_coastmama

Confession: Growing up a daughter of Polish parents who had just immigrated to Canada, I only ate chili on a very rare occasion, and it came out of a can! In my twenties when I was learning to cook, Jay & I experimented with a ton of recipes before we struck gold. We’ve tried vegetarian, turkey, chicken, beef – all types of recipes, but when I found this one a few years ago, it just stuck.

It uses a chili seasoning mix that you make yourself by mixing basic spices that you most likely already have. I also find this recipe very versatile because I change the recipe a bit each time I make it, and it always comes out perfectly delicious.

The secret to this recipe is the can of red kidney beans that is completely blended/processed until smooth. It adds a richness and thickness to the stew that I love.

You can easily make substitutions by switching up the meat (or forgoing it completely), adding in vegetables like celery, carrots, mushrooms – whatever you wish! I also sometimes add in different beans – whatever I have lying around. You can also add more of the seasoning mix if you like it more spicy! View Post



Chinese New Year is celebrated on January 31st this year, and 2014 is the Year of the Horse according to the Chinese zodiac. When our family lived in downtown Vancouver, we lived a few blocks away from Chinatown, and I love all the Chinese New Year festivities. The parades were my daughter’s favourite part while I loved the food!

There are many traditions and superstitions when it comes to what to eat on Chinese New Year – certain foods give good luck and others are supposed to give bad luck. Long noodles represent longevity, jiaozi dumplings bring prosperity, while white foods are thought to bring bad luck. View Post



I love anything with a streusel topping – coffee cake is typically the first thing I think of when I was something streusel-ly (is that a word? it should be!). The Banana Streusel muffins are delicious – one difference to this recipe is that you don’t mash the bananas – you slice the bananas!

When you bite into the muffins you get hit with this delicious cinnamon-sugar crunchy topping, a plump muffin and sweet slices of heaven. (Craving something chocolate? What about a spicy ginger molasses cookie?) View Post



One of my favourite treats to eat with my latte is a Starbucks Ginger Molasses cookie – however, I don’t often make the trip to Starbucks anymore! With two kids in tow and a strict budget – we’re frugal now! – so I abuse my Breville Keurig Coffee Machine at home and bake these cookies when I can!

These cookies are so delicious, and very similar to the kind you’ll find at Starbucks. They are HUGE with a delicious sugary crunch and a soft, melt in your mouth buttery cookie center. Make these for friends or family because it’s hard to resist them! Enjoy! View Post


Cookies are my weakness, and whenever I’m craving them, I immediately think of these delicious Nutella chocolate chip cookies. I used to have these cookies are on constant rotation in my household – they are so popular I sometimes had to bake them three times a week!
(ps. 80 Ways to Eat Nutella!)


These cookies satisfy any chocolate, crunchy and chewy craving you might possibly have. Almost like a regular chocolate chip cookie, but made special with the addition of Nutella, which is a pantry staple in our home. These are great for the holidays as a yummy indulgence or for a Christmas cookie exchange!

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Your family will inhale this delicious beef lasagna stew – essentially a deconstructed lasagna without all the hard work! At our house my daughter calls it ‘Homemade Chef Boyardee’, while I call it an EASY Lasagna recipe!


I love homemade lasagna, especially when the weather starts turning cooler and I’m searching for something warm to eat. Lasagna is comforting and filling, layers of oozing cheese and meat and veggies – however it’s an ordeal that’s not always easy to accomplish! And with an 18-month old hanging off my legs in the kitchen, it seems an impossible task to begin!

Enter the Beef Lasagna Stew – or for little kids, call it Homemade Chef Boyardee, since that’s what it reminds me of, but WAY better tasting!! All the components of your favourite lasagna in an easy to eat bowl! View Post