Three Super Easy Hairstyles for Moms

Long Wavy Hair Tutorial

How often do you wash your hair? I’m lucky if I get to wash it twice a week, and even then I don’t always have time to blowdry or style my hair the way I like to. I’m a mom, I work, I raise kids, I make food, I run businesses, I try to purchase school supplies online and cross my fingers they show up on time (they showed up today, a week after school started, by the way). I’m a busy mom, but I still like my hair to look good, which is why I LOVE dry shampoo, not only for nice smelling hair, but because they add a bit of volume and oomph to my hair style.

Lucky for me, the fall hair trends are super simple and easy looks that can easily be achieved with clean or dirty hair, and not too much fuss. These three easy hairstyles for moms are simple, quick, AND make you feel kind of hip. Using Batiste™ Dry Shampoo spray, you can create volume, texture, and have nice clean smelling hair.

Loose Waves

The first easy hairstyle for busy moms is so simple, it can be done with almost any hair styling tool and on clean OR dirty hair. First, part your hair down the centre, and start to section the hair in approximately two-inch sections. Or just grab even chunks of hair around your hair. Wrap the pieces of hair in alternating directions around a curling iron or use a straightening iron to make the wave, and while the hair is still hot, pull the ends to create loose waves. When finished, spray some Batiste™ Original Dry Shampoo at the roots to provide some clean, nice-smelling and slightly volumized hair.

Short Bob Hair Tutorial

Messy & Hassle Free

This is an easy hairstyle any busy mom can achieve, and it’s suitable on long or short hair. If you have a natural wave, it’s easy to use it to your advantage, or use a curling iron/straightening iron to kink it up a bit. The focus here is to have volume and texture. While your hair is still damp, part it to the side and add a salt spray or mousse to “scrunch” your hair. Be sure to attack all the hair on your head with this technique, otherwise use a curling iron or straightening iron to give it a kinked up look when it’s dry. Spray  Batiste™ XXL Volume Dry Shampoo on the roots and underneath the top layer to add a ton of volume and texture!

Side Swept French Braid for Moms

Side Swept French Braid

This looks really impressive but still gives you that polished and trendy look. Spray your hair with your favourite Batiste™ Dry Shampoo for some texture and volume. Begin with a deep side part, then take the section at the front of your hair and part it into three sections. Begin to French braid the front of your hair following your hairline, gathering hair into the braid only from the side away from your hairline. This allows the braid to lay around your face. Once you have French braided all the way down and collected the hair, finish the ends with a regular braid and secure with an elastic. Massage the French braid with your fingertips to create volume and fullness. On day two, remove the braid and use some dry shampoo spray for revitalized and beautiful waves, lightly brushing the top before going on your day.

These three hair looks are perfect for busy moms on the go because they’re easy and quick to do in the mornings. A little dry shampoo for volume and texture, and you can have a fun, messy look that looks better as the day goes on. What’s your go-to hairstyle?


World’s Worst Back-to-School Mom

World's Worst Back to School Mom Ever | bright colourful modern office school supplies Poppin

Today was my daughter’s first day of grade five. The summer just flew by and she’s back at school today! As I dropped her off at the bus stop I realised I was the World’s Worst Back-to-School Mom Ever. I’m dead serious. Let me explain.

Two and a half weeks ago I got the annual email from my daughter’s school which described the First Day of School schedule, how the first week at school will go, and what school supplies our kids need. I have a borderline Type-A personality* so when I saw the beautiful list of school supplies, gym clothes, and the request for a certain French/English dictionary, I got fairly stoked and jumped on Amazon right away to place an order.

Online shopping is my favourite thing ever. It’s so easy! Find stuff online, place an order, and it typically arrives in the next 24-48 hours on my doorstep. I couldn’t ask for an easier task than buying things on a list that we needed! Here we go!

4 packs of pencils. White erasers. A million glue sticks. Facial tissues. One blue marker. One red marker. Two black markers. Yellow highlighters (no pink allowed). Stacks of lined paper.

Somewhere between the lined-paper notebooks and graph-paper notebooks I passed out from exhaustion. Many of the items that were required on the school supply list were out on Amazon. Let me repeat that, items on Amazon were not in stock. Do you understand the travesty of going to the check out and seeing items in your cart that might arrive within 12-21 days? What the hell, Amazon? I thought we were friends. Well, damn.

And that French/English Dictionary required by her French Immersion Grade 5 teacher? NOT IN STOCK ANYWHERE. I’ve checked Chapters/Indigo, Staples, Amazon – and then I didn’t know where to check. Here I thought I was so smart, online shopping…. I closed my browser and put “school supply shopping” on my list of things to do.

At the same time, my daughter was at home looking up backpacks for back to school. She had it down to her Top 3 favourite backpacks (all from Vans), and then chose a favourite. She was texting me screencaps of THE ONE. I was all, “Are you sure? Do you want to think about it? Once I order it, that’s it…” She was sure that THIS was the one backpack that she absolutely needed to go to Grade Five with or she would die.

The exact backpack she chose is unavailable in Canada. And to have it shipped to our mailbox in the states and pick it up seemed a bit intense for a backpack, PLUS the US dollar conversion SEEMED high at the time…. I thought for sure I would head into a few skateboard shops and find either the exact Vans bag or a similar style that she would love just as much. Nope. NOOOOOOPE. Nada. Nothing. ARGH.

So let’s see now, my daughter headed back to school today with NO backpack and NO school supplies. She has a hole in her shoe (which she knew about for weeks but just showed me today) and doesn’t fit into half her pants (growth spurt) and now has nothing to wear.

My husband picked up Starbucks for us this morning, so we shared a coffee and hot chocolate at the bus stop before she decided she had enough of her boring old mom and went off to see her friends. When I got to work I saw my Facebook stream was FULL of the obligatory Back to School Photos that I completely forgot about.

No supplies. No back to school outfit. No new shoes. No backpack. No photo.

I’ve officially become the World’s Worst Back-to-School Mom ever.


*Borderline Type-A Personality: Means I get really ON IT right away with certain things, then hit a bump in the road, and quickly give up. Put it on a “To-Do List” which I will never look at. And file it away some place I will never think about. Until the night before it happens and it’s already too late. Got it?


The Best is Yet to Come

The Best is Yet to Come Calendar

So yesterday’s post was tough, but today I’m looking forward to the future. We have so many dreams and ideas and thoughts about what’s going to happen in our lives. We asked ourselves if we could craft our lives, what would it look like? In answering that question we created some loose parameters to help point us to our future…

  • Family Time
    This past year has opened our eyes to how little time we spent with our kids. Correction – time spent WELL with our kids. Doing things we all enjoy doing – like biking, hiking, going to the beach and such. This time has to be prioritized moving forward as we can see how much our kids need us.
  • Passive Income
    Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur, is how I feel. Beyond developing multiple income streams, which we currently have, I’ve realised the need for passive income… income that continues to come in from a product or service that doesn’t need my attention at that moment.
  • Mobility
    We can’t be tied down to our jobs. We need to be able to take a break, or even a vacation, if necessary. We need to be able to travel, move around, and still make money. We need to have systems and people in place that run our businesses without us having to be there 24/7.
  • Health
    I can say with all my heart that we are both in the worst shape we have ever been in our lives. The lack of time, organization, and energy to make most of our meals is a large part of it. We also don’t prioritize time to be active. These both need to change.

This list helps me focus on what needs to happen and each decision moving forward needs to be able to compromise with our true needs. The best is yet to come, truly!



Girls Love to Downhill Mountain Bike Too!

Kidsworx Bline Race

Our family loves mountain sports. We ski in the winter, but in the summer we are downhill mountain bikers. My daughter is 10 and she’s achieved so much in both sports at such a young age. I’m so proud of her, yet I can’t enjoy it with her because she’s WAY better than I am…!

She started off the summer winning first place in a Whistler Phat Kidz B-Line Race, which boosted her confidence immensely. Since that day, her DFX coaches have been raving about her improvement from June to September! I’m so proud of my little girl (who’s not so little anymore!) because she’s becoming a role model for girls in mountain biking! For whatever reason, downhill mountain biking is still one of those sports that’s focused on the boys, and there are a TON of boys of all ages in this sport. It seems the older the girls get, the less they participate in the sport.

There aren’t many women bikers out there to look up to, and I’m hoping that our daughter is part of the growing generation of girls who are showing the world that downhill mountain biking isn’t just for the boys! We need to encourage our girls to keep pushing towards their goals, and keep them motivated by being involved in the sport with them! Keeping it fun and making great memories along the way!

Kid on Aline Jump Bike Trail

Dad takes Kid on Aline Bike Trail Jumps

That’s her dad following her down the A-Line Trail in Whistler! I love jumping shots where they’re both up in the air, a bunch of feet off the ground! Our four year old is also in DFX biking summer camps and he just looks up to his big sister like crazy! He thinks she’s the coolest and the best – and we all agree! He’s becoming quite the little biker himself, doing wheelies, technical trails, and even going into the Whistler Bike Park at four years old!

We feel that our kids are so lucky to be growing up on the West Coast, with access to amazing outdoor mountain sports like biking, skiing, hiking, rock climbing, and more! The first time I went biking was a few years ago (check out this post here and the pic of my daughter when she was so little!) and I have so much to learn to get to the ability that she’s at already. I hope that she continues downhill mountain biking just to prove to the worlds that girls CAN do it and EXCEL at it!

Hear that Red Bull? Monster? Whistler Blackcomb? Crankworx? Chanel is here and she’s ready to become the next downhill mountain bike champion!!

Samurai Pizza Cat Kid on Downhill Mountain Bike Trail

Kid on Ninja Cougar Bike Trail Whistler

All photos in this post were taken by Coast Mountain Photography


Coffee is Always the Answer (and pizza and beer)

The Biggest Cup of Coffee In the World

So, today was just one of those days where I wish I could have stayed at home, hiding under the covers until the moon came out…

Life has been hectic from all angles (story of my life, right?), I’ve got busy businesses keeping me on my toes, I’ve got new businesses launching that have to be worked on, I’ve got a house that we’re finishing construction on and prepping for sale (possibly…!), and I’ve got two kids who’ve been biking all summer long and one ready for school to start next week (no, she’s not pumped about going back to school – that’s ME pumped about it!).

So today I have to run the shop – I get there about 9 am and we’re done after 7 pm, it’s a long day but it allows me to get multiple things done throughout the day. My husband asked me to pick up some items to complete the glass railings on the house, and although I’m a very helpful and capable person, I’m also a massive complainer. I try to get out of these extra ‘duties’ as much as I can, offering up suggestions on someone else who can pick them up, giving excuses about how busy I am, and then finally realising that I am actually the only option to do this said errand and I pout about it. I can be a big baby sometimes.

I’m driving through traffic on a LONG WEEKEND FRIDAY to get to my destination which is approximately 30-40 minutes of driving time away, and I’m turning into the parking lot when my steering wheel makes a weird noise. Like a pop or tick! or something. And then my whole car went mental – ERROR messages kept coming up! “Error: Transmission” “Error: Air Bag” “Error: Tail Gate” wtf wtf wtf!!!

I turned off the car. I turned it back on. Still errors and scaring the crap out of me.

I pick up the items I was sent for, and call my dealership (which is SO far out of the way). By the way, my dealership is absolutely amazing. I purchased my car from Capilano Volkswagen, and I have an adviser whose name is Justin, and each time I need anything I speak with him – oil change, weird noises, AIR BAGS ABOUT TO BLOW IN MY FACE – I call Justin, the dude from my dealership. He calmed me down and quickly let me know that the air bag won’t blow up in my face (causing innumerable damages to my face and the glasses I was wearing, which would mean lifetime scars no matter how much plastic surgery and botox I would get…!), and that it was actually now turned OFF.

Okay, cool, so if I get in an accident I now have no air bag. I really felt like I was winning at life in that moment.

My adviser sent me to a dealership that was close to me, and luckily they were just as helpful as he was. They scolded me first, though. “You shouldn’t have driven this car. You should’ve had it towed. You could have caused irreparable damage…” Shoulda, coulda, woulda, amiright? Regardless, they took my car away from me and gave me a ‘service vehicle’ to loan for the night.

It all worked out okay, I went back to work to close up, brought home the construction supplies, and went out for pizza and beer and lived to see another day.

But tomorrow, I’m starting out the day with the largest cup of coffee ever had before even attempting to ‘adult’.