Many women dream of starting a family and having children one day, some even attempt to plan out their lives accordingly in order to make it happen. But the reality is that things don’t always go to plan, and conceiving a child does not come as easily as some might think. In Canada, fertility issues have risen in the past several decades, with 1 in 6 Canadian couples now experiencing fertility-related problems.

It’s difficult for a couple that is struggling with infertility to be excited and happy about starting a family when the stress and pressures of infertility get in the way. With National Infertility Awareness Week around the corner (May 12th – 20th), Dr. David Greenberg, Family Physician at St. Joseph Hospital, has some tips to help start the family planning. View Post



I’ve been thinking a lot about balance lately. As I get older, I realize that I am not someone who embraces routine wholeheartedly. I am someone who has a hard time doing the same thing everyday – whether it’s ordering the same drink, eating the same food, or having the same schedule each day. I find it monotonous, ultimately.

I am constantly receiving emails that are supposed to help my life – you know the ones: “Say Yes to Life” and “The 5 Things You Should Be Doing Each Morning”, etc, et. al.  They frustrate me because they all say the same thing: you should be doing A, B, C, and D each day to give yourself a great start, or that in order to be successful in business and in life, you should do 1, 2, and 3 or else you don’t even stand a chance. View Post



I have become fascinated with my own aging.

Is that considered narcissistic?

I revel in the little silver grey hairs that add sparkle to the part in my hair.

The laugh lines forming around my lips and the crinkles that explode when I smile so hard that my cheeks hurt.

My body is not youthful.

Stretch marks, a ‘mummy tummy’, cellulite, a c-section scar, not-so-plump breasts…

It all tells a story. All of it is a part of my life and a part of me.

Sometimes I’ll look in the mirror and notice the changes in my body.

When did that happen?

It’s all changing, all the time, and it makes me smile.

It makes me hopeful that all this change can make me a better person. That I can learn from everything that I’ve done and everything that I’ve lived through. That things will get better (and worse and better again).

That I can be happy despite and because of everything that I’ve gone through.

I see the beauty in aging.



I don’t know how to do January without a deep cleaning, a purging of excess, and the motivation to change. I’ve noticed it’s becoming quite passé to have ‘New Year’s Resolutions’, as if the belief that the chiming of the clock at midnight will give you the resolve to change the entirety of your life is absolutely ridiculous – which it is.

My mother once told me that the way you spend January 1st is predictive of how the new year will become. For example, if you want to lose weight and create an active lifestyle, spend the first day of the year eating salads and jogging and it will put your life on the right path to achieve your goals. I think it’s some sort of Polish proverb.  View Post


I’ve struggled with putting the last few months into words, and I was going to write a big long-winded post about everything that’s gone on in the past few months – the good and the bad – but instead, I’m looking towards the future with happiness and light in my heart.

No worries, I’m not going anywhere. Just looking forward to what’s still yet to come!



There was a moment, it happened sometime in May, that I blinked and when my eyes re-opened, it was suddenly August. It’s halfway through the summer and I’m excited to share all the amazing things that have happened so far…

We opened up our shop, we’ve made some fun and comfy changes to our home, I’m getting trained up for the Mudderella, and life has been flipped upside down in the meantime! Our lifestyles have altered, we’re all a little out of balance still, but we’re finding a new balance within our family and finding time for it all again.

Sometimes it’s nice to take sometime away from blogging, but I can’t hold off any longer! Look forward to some great posts soon!


I Just Can't

I can feel it.

Starting in the back of my neck, a pain, just in that crook above my right shoulder blade.

It starts to spread to the other side, as I’m hunched over my keyboard, multi-tasking my life away. Phones ringing, papers flying everywhere, it’s like the beginning of some movie where the bored-with-life cubicle-caged employee snaps and goes off on a spontaneous adventure.

My cage, however, is self-made. A desk that is smack dab in the middle of my home. Always there, always eyeing me, always letting me know that my to-do list is never done. No door to shut it away.

This IS my adventure.

I remind myself of that. I chose this. Well, not THIS current panic-driven state. But I chose to be self-employed, to create a business, and run it as best I can.

But there’s days that I simply can’t do it all. Days where absolutely everything goes wrong, and surprise – it’s my fault.

A simple math equation…

Everything Goes Wrong

I’m tired. My mind is constantly running around in circles, trying to remember the tasks that need to be done for all the different projects. I am constantly forgetting things. I am making mistakes, more often than not. I used to be the one catching others’ mistakes and being frustrated with their inability to do a simple math equation. How the tables have turned…

Step away… View Post