Starbucks Giveaway

Every once in a while, I love to treat my readers (that’s YOU!) with a lovely little giveaway! I always think – if I had you over what would we do? Well, I’d probably take you out for some window shopping, and a nice coffee & treat, where we’d discuss life, love, and shoes! View Post


Are you worried about cell phone radiation and your family? #GetCellSmart

There is no question that we are living in the digital world. As a modern society, we are constantly connected to everything around us via social media, apps, messaging, video and calling – and most of it is done wirelessly on our cell phones. Do you worry about the effects of cell phone radiation on your family?

I am a self-professed social media maven, a web designer and branding specialist who is on my phone all the time. Much of my work can be done through my cell phone, because it’s easy to access and convenient to squeeze in an instagram post while dinner is cooking or posting content while grocery shopping – no joke. I take advantage of my cell phone as much as possible, but I do wonder about cell phone radiation and its’ long term effects. View Post


personalized message from santa

Each and every year, I create a personalized video from Santa Claus for each of my children. It’s a fun way to make Christmas memories! I wrote about Personalized Messages from Santa Claus via the Portable North Pole two years ago, and you will find step-by-step instructions on how easy it is to create your own video to send to your loved one!

If you haven’t created an account at the Portable North Pole yet, you still have time to create one and send your loved ones a personalized message from Santa Claus! We like to watch them a week or two before, and then Santa also pops up before leaving on his big journey around the world! View Post



The holidays are all about spending quality time with those we love. This year, surprise family and friends by switching things up and hosting a fabulous holiday brunch instead of the traditional turkey dinner. 

 For the perfect entertaining space that will leave guests in awe, follow my few simple tips below to elevate your brunch from the expected to the unexpected: View Post


Armor All Car Care Gift Pack

Is it just me or are the men in your life harder to shop for than most others? My husband seems to have everything he needs and doesn’t really want anything… which can lead to Christmas shopping frustration!  View Post


Rain boots puddle jumping surviving the rainy season with kids

It’s rainy season here on the west coast! Puddle jumping and splashing in the mud can be a ton of fun with the kids, but someone has to clean that mess up after. (hint: that someone is me) I am the mom that pushes my kids out the door, even in sucky weather. My four year old is still in the age group that can be waterproofed from head to toe – rain boots and a muddy buddy is his go-to wardrobe! But my 10 year old? She won’t even wear her rain boots let alone an appropriate jacket for the weather (how old do I sound?!). View Post