Bulletproof Coffee - does it really work? How would it affect my mind and body?

There’s no question that I love my coffee! I’m meticulous about the coffee brewing process and the type of beans I use. I’ve special ordered a limited edition coffee bean from a craft coffee house in Portland. I watch coffee review videos on youtube. I think I’m on my way to becoming a coffee snob…

I was very excited to be test driving Bulletproof Coffee for a week, which is a cup of freshly brewed Upgraded Coffee blended with a grass-fed butter and Brain Octane oil. Adding healthy fats to your morning coffee is supposed to make you feel satiated until lunch, and help with focus, performance, and energy!

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a girl who absolutely loves cars. I think I can put the blame on my father, who would take me to various car dealerships to look at cars and pick up fancy brochures that we’d pore over at home. But while my dad would be more into the specifications of a car, I was always more into the details and features – leather seats, sports packages, chrome details, moon roofs, and upgraded tires were my focus.

My husband and I have been together for 13 years now (what?!), and bought and sold over six vehicles in that time (double what?!). I’ve become a pro at looking for vehicles on Autotrader, however I still have questions about the reliability of a vehicle and which specifications I should be focused on – V6 or V8? AWD or FWD? It can get tricky to make the right decision! View Post


Personalized Children Book by LostMy.Name Books created beautiful picture books with your children's name and character

Books are one of my most favourite gifts for children.

From baby board books to colourful picture books to novels and series, stories provide children with a creative outlet for their imaginations. I still remember my favourite stories from childhood, and I hope to expose my kids to stories and books that will stay with them as they become adults as well.

A personalized children’s book is even better! LostMy.Name books are a favourite for before-bed-storytime, because of their amazing stories, beautiful illustrations, and because your child is IN the story – how awesome is that? (Check out my review of ‘The Little Boy Who Lost His Name‘!) I was super stoked to find out that LostMy.Name created a new personalized book for kids called, ‘The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home’.  View Post


Road Trip

Road Trip

Road Trip

I have fond memories of summer road trips with my family when I was growing up. Every summer, we would pack up our station wagon and go! We would camp in northern Ontario, drive as far east as we could get to the very tip of Cape Breton Island, explore the Anne of Green Gables house on Prince Edward Island, and have fun attempting to speak French in Quebec City!

While the destinations were the star of our vacations, as I’ve gotten older I’ve become fond of the journey, as well. Watching the landscapes change would be magical, for the longest time it would be the same, but then a curve in the road brings you a whole different scenery. The last few road trips we’ve taken led us to Tofino, Salt Spring Island, and Leavenworth, and the journey can be just as amazing as the destination. View Post


Tween Shopping at Triple Flip

I took my tween daughter on her first shopping trip and she absolutely loved it! For so long, I avoided taking a trip to the mall and instead, I was an avid online shopper. But when online purchases arrived and weren’t the perfect fit, it became a bother. My daughter was growing up and she needed to start trying on and choosing her own clothing.

However, I still hesitated. I remember being 12 years old and absolutely hating shopping for my growing body. Things never seemed to fit right, and I didn’t want to wear a ‘big’ size. Although I wasn’t an overweight kid, I had a really hard time with body image and self love while growing up. I didn’t want my 10 year old to get frustrated with her body at such a young age.

At the same time, I wanted her to be creative and see fashion as a way for self-expression. I longed for her to slowly discover the fun clothing could bring to your life, different patterns, quality of fabrics, and how a great outfit could make you feel! I was hoping for a positive, self-loving shopping experience for a tween girl who needs a summer wardrobe… View Post


canoe lake louise

Canada Day is coming up and we have a ton of fun plans – hiking, canoeing, and having a huge cook-out over a fire. We might watch some fireworks and have some extra treats as well, it’s a celebration after all!

But, while it’s a day of celebration, long car rides and one too many Beaver Tails can leave many Canadians feeling not-so-festive. To help combat some of these ailments, below is a list of trusted, over-the-counter products. The best part? These products are all made in Canada! Cool, eh?

Canada Day_EN


If you have a family, you should be including Gravol™ as part of your medicine cabinet arsenal. For children who suffer from car sickness (or too many turns on the merry-go-round), try using GRAVOL™ Kids™ Quick Dissolve ChewablesThese great tasting cherry-flavoured tablets offer the best in convenience and portability, eliminating the need to take with water and are great for the prevention and treatment of nausea, vomiting and dizziness due to motion sickness. For similar relief in adults, try using Gravol™ Quick Dissolve Chewables in great-tasting zesty orange-flavour.

For adults who prefer organic relief, GRAVOL™ Natural Source™ Ginger Liquid Gel Capsules are a Natural Health Product made with naturally sourced certified organic Ginger (the only medical ingredient) for the prevention and treatment of nausea and vomiting. GRAVOL™ Natural Source™ Ginger Liquid Gel capsules are taste free, easy to swallow, and non-drowsy.


Ovol™ helps to relieve one of the most embarrassing (and painful) stomach problems – gas! Ovol™ Ultra Strength Softgels work quickly to break down trapped gas in the stomach and intestines. It helps gas bubbles fuse together making them easier to get rid of through belching or flatulence.

To relieve a baby’s gassy tummy, Ovol Drops provide gentle and fast relief of colic, bloating and gas. The pleasant mint-flavoured drops make them easy for parents to administer.


Nothing ruins a great meal more than the discomfort of heartburn, acid indigestion and gas. Diovol™ Liquid Plus Mint and Diovol™ Tablets Plus Tropical Fruit doesn’t stop the body from its naturally producing acid – it reacts to neutralize or buffer existing excess stomach acid.

 All of these items are Made in Canada – which is so awesome and amazing! It’s so important to support local companies! This Canada Day, be sure to pick up products to help your family that are made in our beautiful country!

What are some other ‘Made in Canada’ products that could come in handy on Canada Day?


Custom Kids Labels

When my little boy turned 4, he suddenly went from being a toddler on a run bike, to becoming a ‘big boy’ on a ‘big boy bike’, complete with hand brakes in the brightest colour orange. He became a biking pro from the moment he sat on the bike seat and put his little feet to the pedals.

Now with summer right around the corner, I’m super stoked to have him signed up for DFX camp – a summer camp for kids who love mountain biking, based in Whistler. With this being her fourth year enrolled, my daughter is a veteran of the DFX club, but it’s the first year my son will be going to summer camp, and we’re getting him prepped for all the fun he’s going to have! View Post