36 Hours in Harrison Hot Springs

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Harrison Hot Springs for 36 hours – it’s the perfect quick getaway and just about an hour from the city of Vancouver, but it feels like it’s a million miles away! Harrison Hot Springs has been a place I’ve wanted to visit for so long and when the opportunity came along in the form of a blogger retreat hosted by the fabulous Connie with StartUpMoms.co, how could I resist? View Post


10 Best Things I Did In Israel

My time in Israel flew by so quickly, but I did so many things in such a short amount of time that I’m still processing my travels, weeks later. It’s not so much that we did so many things that I can’t remember all of them, it’s that every thing we did sparked something in me. It inspired me, comforted me, charged me, it made me crave more, it made me more curious, it motivated me – and how do you put an experience like that into words? View Post


Family Adventures on Salt Spring Island

Our family’s adventure in Salt Spring Island began and ended with a ferry ride, as most island adventures in BC do. The fun starts on that big boat, with the kids trying to find all the sea creatures that play in the ocean waters, while I’m busy pointing out the houses and cottages on the Gulf Islands, and feeling the warmth of the sun on the passenger decks. When we arrived on Salt Spring Island, our family decided to drive around the island and find a beach to enjoy the heat in. We had such wonderful weather on our 4-day excursion, we were super lucky. Read on to discover where to explore, eat, and have fun on Salt Spring Island! View Post


Whistler Tea House

When I first walked past The Whistler Tea House, I had to stop and take a look. Large, open windows showcase the beautiful interiors – the mostly white room is accented by a stunning cherry blossom accent wall, warm wood floors, and rustic tables and stools all beckoned to me. Inside, it was even more lovely. The fragrance of different teas,  a stack of delicious cookies in beautiful glass jars, and a selection of tea cups to choose from.

The place is tea heaven. It’s one of those places that you might dub “adult only”, saving it for those moments without the kids – but seconds later the sound of hilarious laughter bubbled through the air and I was brought back to reality. The Whistler Tea House is more than child-friendly, it even hosts a weekly mom-and-kid tea time! View Post


Fondue at the Fairmont in Whistler

The Cornucopia Food & Wine Festival came and went in a flurry of wine glasses, artisan cheeses, tapas-style plates, and indulgent desserts. Throughout the eleven delicious festivals days, the new workshop series at The Fairmont Chateau Whistler was the most buzz-worthy event, by far. I was lucky enough to get a coveted spot at The Art of Festival Fondues, one of my favourite and indulgent holiday feasts.

The ‘Lunch & Learn’ featured Chef de Cuisine, Kreg Graham, cooking up a wine-paired, three course menu. It was held at the luxuriously warm Grill Room at The Faimont Chateau Whistler. View Post


The Burrard Hotel Vancouver

The Burrard Hotel in downtown Vancouver, BC, has a unique and retro feeling to it, fitting since it first opened its’ doors in 1956 as the Burrard Motor Inn. Since then, they’ve done a massive renovation on the whole building, inside and out. While the hotel has been updated with modern amenities, they kept the mid-century modern character which keeps this boutique hotel an original choice.

Checking into the hotel was super easy and quick, the front desk was knowledgable and gave me all the information I needed to know about where to park and where my room was. Jay & I stayed on the fourth floor with our room looking into the lush courtyard of the hotel. It felt a bit like walking into a time warp, the carpet lining the walkways was astroturf, and the colour scheme screamed retro.  View Post


How to Pack Light on Vacation

Packing light is an art of practicality and a test in minimalism. As the years pass and we’ve taken more trips as a family of four, I’ve received a first hand education on how to pack light on vacation.

It wasn’t always like this! I’m an ex-overpacker, it’s true. I used to pack almost our entire wardrobes to go on vacation, just to make sure we’d have everything we could possibly need. Each family member would have their own suitcase (that’s four huge suitcases taking up trunk space), plus there would be an additional mini-suitcase for toiletries, a beach bag full of towels, and sometimes I’d need another bag just for extra shoes. View Post