Why Self Care is the Best Care + 99 Ways to Practice Self Care

Self care is the best care

How often do you take some time to relax and take care of yourself? How often do you spark your inner creativity? Self care and creativity are connected, and when you’re a mom or a creative entrepreneur – or BOTH – it can be hard to find the time to take care of oneself. So, how do you practice self-care when you’re a mompreneur or a creative hustler?

I get bursts of creativity, and they don’t often happen in front of a computer screen when I actually need them the most. Nope, my creativity comes out when I’m far from my office, and I’m out in nature or moving my body. A quick 5-minute walk can set my mind in motion, and usually turns into a 20-minute walk – and the funny thing is that before I go for that walk, I tell myself that I don’t have time for it.

How to Practice Self Care - 99 Ways to Practice Self Care for Moms and Entrepreneurs

I actually talk myself out of going for a walk, because TIME. But guess what? That 20-minutes or 30-minutes away from work isn’t going to make me work less or slower – nope! In the end it helps me work better and faster, because I’m more motivated and have that extra spark going!

How many times have you stared at your computer screen today, not knowing what to do next? Checking out social media and wasting time on pinterest? If you work from home, do you get easily distracted by a messy house or a load of laundry begging for your attention? Me too! And it’s totally okay to have breaks, get housework done, or blow off some steam on twitter – but NONE of this is actually practicing self-care.

How to Practice Self Care - 99 Ways to Practice Self Care for Moms and Entrepreneurs

What is Self Care?

Self care is care provided FOR you and BY you. It’s about identifying your own true needs, and taking steps to meet them. It is taking the time to do activities that nurture you. Self care is all about taking proper care of yourself, and treating yourself as good as you treat those around you.

Your needs will be different than my needs, but we all need to take care of ourselves the best way we can. Women spend so much of their time caring for the needs of others, that we almost always put ourselves last. Think about it! Okay, I’ll tell you just two things that often happen in my life:

  • I drive my kids to exercise classes because I know it’s good for them (yoga, trampoline, biking, swimming) but I don’t make time to exercise myself
  • I make delicious healthy lunches and breakfasts for my kids and sometimes my husband while I grab a latte and call it a day

But don’t I NEED exercise and healthy, nutritious foods? Why of course! So why do I make the time for those around me and not myself? Why do I rush, rush, rush, and gloss over my own needs as if they don’t matter? At the end of the day, I need to nourish my own needs just as much as my families and my businesses.

How to Practice Self Care - 99 Ways to Practice Self Care for Moms and Entrepreneurs

99 Ways to Practice Self-Care

  1. Make a tea. And then sip it slowly.
  2. Diffuse essential oils based on your mood.
  3. Take a long lunch. Make it nutritious.
  4. Make a music playlist just for you.
  5. Buy a dress you love and wear it on any day. Even a casual day.
  6. Use the pretty plates.
  7. Change your computer background to something you LOVE.
  8. Rub your feet. Or better yet, get someone else to do it.
  9. Stretch.
  10. Light the pretty candle.
  11. Find a motivational quote or mantra and put it up somewhere.
  12. Try a new fruit.
  13. Read a book.
  14. Meditate.
  15. Schedule a weekly date with yourself.
  16. Take a walk, even in the rain.
  17. Do a sun salutation.
  18. Call your mom.
  19. Take a nice warm bath or shower.
  20. Write down positive thoughts.
  21. Plant a garden, big or tiny.
  22. Sit outside and listen.
  23. Breathe deeply.
  24. Let it go.
  25. Hug someone you love for 6 seconds.
  26. Smile.
  27. Practice good posture.
  28. Watch your favourite movie from childhood.
  29. Draw.
  30. Talk to a stranger.
  31. Make a cup of coffee and savour it.
  32. Get fitted for a new bra and feel difference.
  33. Write in your journal.
  34. Start each day with hot water and a lemon wedge.
  35. Turn off your phone notifications.
  36. Learn something new, like knitting or pottery.
  37. Really listen to what people are saying.
  38. Take photos that inspire you and don’t post them online.
  39. Hydrate.
  40. Run as fast as you can. For as long as you can. Even 30 seconds.
  41. Read poetry.
  42. Write poetry.
  43. Schedule your meals for tomorrow. Trust me, you’ll feel better.
  44. Allow yourself to feel pain. It will teach you what works and what needs to change in your life.
  45. Literally smell the roses. Or any flower.
  46. Have a long and thoughtful conversation with someone, face-to-face.
  47. Declutter your desk, your night table, or your room.
  48. Choose your (yoga) power move and hold it for at least a minute.
  49. Get a massage.
  50. Hold someone’s hand.
  51. Focus on something good in your life.
  52. Get rid of clothes that don’t fit you.
  53. Turn off the news.
  54. Play on the playground.
  55. Go to bed early.
  56. Wake up early.
  57. Go to your doctor with a medical concern, trust your instinct.
  58. Cuddle someone or something.
  59. Get rid of your scale.
  60. Be yourself.
  61. Get out your crayons and colour.
  62. Try a new exercise class.
  63. Create an inspiration board.
  64. Take care of your relationships, they are a part of you.
  65. Take a cold shower.
  66. Mentor someone.
  67. Practice gratitude.
  68. Be present.
  69. Eat a fermented food daily.
  70. Go watch clouds.
  71. Jump as high as you can.
  72. Take your vitamins.
  73. Use a dry body brush before your shower each day.
  74. Don’t be afraid to say NO to people, extra work, or unnecessary obligations.
  75. Don’t be afraid to say YES to opportunities, fun, or new adventures.
  76. Create a relaxing bedtime routine.
  77. Take a break.
  78. Cut yourself some slack. You’re doing the best you can.
  79. Put some nice lotion on.
  80. Make your favourite meal.
  81. Dip your toes in the ocean or the lake.
  82. Be gentle, patient and kind with yourself.
  83. Trust your instincts.
  84. Do a small act of kindness for others.
  85. Write down 3 positive things about yourself.
  86. Find your favourite book from childhood and read it.
  87. Look at beautiful things.
  88. Laugh.
  89. Do a 10-minute de-clutter.
  90. Tell yourself, “It is what it is”, and move on.
  91. Contribute positivity.
  92. Figure out what kind of eggs you really like.
  93. Block off an evening for yourself to do whatever you want to do. Even if it’s nothing.
  94. Discuss ideas (not people or things).
  95. Accept and embrace change.
  96. Tell your family and friends that you love them.
  97. Ask for help, not matter how scary it might be.
  98. Honour your inner child.
  99. Begin and end each day with gratitude.

How to Practice Self Care - 99 Ways to Practice Self Care for Moms and Entrepreneurs

Self care is a process, it’s not a one-and-done type of situation. It’s an ongoing, everyday thing. It’s listening to your true heart, your body, and your mind and giving yourself what you actually need. And remind yourself that self care isn’t selfish – it’s necessary. Only when you take care of you are you able to take care of others.

As a mom and business owner, there’s SO many times where I think I would feel better by crossing off my to-do list instead of taking care of myself – guess what? I don’t feel better. I would’ve felt better if I had taken a nap, or practiced yoga, or played with my kids.

There are days that are overly busy, jam-packed with deadlines, and there are days with moments of calm. Take those moments, as many as you can, and take care of yourself.

Does this list seem overwhelming? Start small. Do something each day that will take care of you. Have your tea every morning, take a shower each day, focus on getting at least 7 hours of sleep (or whatever your magical sleep number might be!). See how you’re feeling a week – check in with yourself!

99 Ways to Practice Self Care



How to Make Sure Picky Eaters Get The Nutrition They Need #FocusOnTheFacts


This year we’ve made a conscious effort as a family to eat healthy, nutritious foods, and to do so, we’ve included our children in choosing our the foods we eat. But how do you make sure that the picky eater is getting the nutrition he needs?

Our younger son is a picky eater – meaning he could easily survive off cheeseburgers, pizza, and crackers. It’s a struggle to get him to eat fruits and veggies, so I have to get creative when it comes to making meals, and being sure to choose the right snacks.

We want to have our kids choosing nutritious foods, instead of foods that simply appear healthy – and how do we do that? By teaching them how to check the Nutrition Facts on food! The Nutrition Facts table (NFt) is found on most packaged food products in Canada, including our favourite breakfast cereals, canned goods, and frozen foods. The Nutrition Facts table is KEY in helping you choose the nutritious choice for your growing kids!

While our son is still too young to read, our 11 year old is excited to teach her brother all about the Nutrition Facts table and help our picky eater choose nutritious foods!


The Nutrition Facts table is very easy to use, once you get the hang of it! It gives you information on:

  • serving size
  • calories
  • % of DV (daily value)


It’s easy to compare food using the Nutrition Facts table! First check on the serving size when comparing packaged foods, compare the calories based on serving size, and look at the percentage of daily value of nutrients found found in each food.

The % of DV works like this: 5% or less is a little, 15% or more is a lot – so check to see if the food has the nutrients you’re looking for, like fibre, protein, and vitamins! Doing this can help you decide if the food is a nutritious choose for your and your family – and especially for your picky eater!


Foods high in sugar, sodium, and saturated + trans fats are not ones I would prefer for my picky eater to choose. It’s easy to compare products right in the grocery store if you take a few moments to consider the nutritional value in the food you choose.

You can learn more about making informed food choices by heading to the Focus on the Facts website and taking the quiz for a chance to win a $300 grocery gift card!


It can be tricky to make sure that your family is getting the nutrition they require, especially when someone is a picky eater! That’s why I try to get them involved with food choices, and I try to educate them so that they can make their own choices as they grow up!

Do you read the Nutrition Facts table when choosing your food? How do you make nutritious choices for your family?

And head over to Focus on the Facts to test your knowledge and enter to win a $300 Grocery Gift Card!



The Best is Yet to Come

The Best is Yet to Come Calendar

So yesterday’s post was tough, but today I’m looking forward to the future. We have so many dreams and ideas and thoughts about what’s going to happen in our lives. We asked ourselves if we could craft our lives, what would it look like? In answering that question we created some loose parameters to help point us to our future…

  • Family Time
    This past year has opened our eyes to how little time we spent with our kids. Correction – time spent WELL with our kids. Doing things we all enjoy doing – like biking, hiking, going to the beach and such. This time has to be prioritized moving forward as we can see how much our kids need us.
  • Passive Income
    Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur, is how I feel. Beyond developing multiple income streams, which we currently have, I’ve realised the need for passive income… income that continues to come in from a product or service that doesn’t need my attention at that moment.
  • Mobility
    We can’t be tied down to our jobs. We need to be able to take a break, or even a vacation, if necessary. We need to be able to travel, move around, and still make money. We need to have systems and people in place that run our businesses without us having to be there 24/7.
  • Health
    I can say with all my heart that we are both in the worst shape we have ever been in our lives. The lack of time, organization, and energy to make most of our meals is a large part of it. We also don’t prioritize time to be active. These both need to change.

This list helps me focus on what needs to happen and each decision moving forward needs to be able to compromise with our true needs. The best is yet to come, truly!



Get Fit & Have Fun at Airhouse in Squamish

How to Get Fit and Have fun with Kids

Jump up, jump up, and get down! Do your kids love trampolines? Airhouse in Squamish is an indoor freestyle trampoline park, but it’s so much more than just a place to jump! Airhouse prides itself on being a progressive training facility that offers trampoline and conditioning programs for everyone, from toddlers to pro athletes!

Jumping on a trampoline has to be one of our family’s favourite pastimes – we were absolutely thrilled when Airhouse opened in Squamish this past year. It’s an amazing place to train, workout, be active and have fun with the whole family! Did you know that Airhouse also offers Summer Camps and Workout Programs?

Airhouse in Squamish | Trampoline Park | Fun for Kids

Airhouse in Squamish | Trampoline Park | Fun for Kids

Airhouse in Squamish | Trampoline Park | Fun for Kids


Are you looking for an active and fun summer camp for your kids? Camp Airhouse offers trampoline, bike, climbing, skateboarding, and digital camps from ages 3 to 15. These week long camps are a great way to explore freestyle trampoline training, also incorporating bike and skateboard techniques, to enhance your kids skills and have them try something new!

The unique Digital Camp is 100% focused on short action film making, and the films will premier at the Closing Camp Party. The summer camps at Airhouse are an amazing opportunity to take your skills to the next level, try something new, and making something your kids will be proud of! The summer camps vary in length depending on age, there are 3-day camps, as well as week-long half- and full-day camps.

Camp Airhouse really has something for everybody!

Airhouse in Squamish | Trampoline Park | Fun for Kids

Airhouse in Squamish | Trampoline Park | Fun for Kids

Airhouse in Squamish | Trampoline Park | Fun for Kids


Do you want to work out but have trouble finding time or childcare? Sweat Studio offers workout classes and Sweat Camps inside the Airhouse facility, which provides childcare while you’re busy getting buff! In Squamish, it’s quite difficult to find childcare at local gyms or yoga studios, so I’m super stoked that Airhouse offers this!

Moms are busy! I find it so difficult to schedule workout sessions in my life, especially because of lack of childcare. It’s so amazing to be able to workout at Airhouse, while your kids are not only being watched, but also being active! And I love that my daughter can see my exercising! I want to be a positive role model for her, especially in the tween years, and I want her to see that being active and healthy is important!

Sweat Studio at Airhouse makes it easy to get your workout in, while your kids are being active, too!

How to Get Fit and Have Fun with Kids! Trampoline park in Squamish

Airhouse is located at #401 – 1201 Commercial Way, Squamish. Follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see the latest from Airhouse!

All images courtesy of Vairdy Photography


Is Carrageenan Safe?

Uyu Soft Serve Ice Cream Gastown

It’s super easy to get confused when it comes to discovering what’s in your food. I’ve been reading a lot about carrageenan, the latest buzz ingredient in the food science world, and I’ve been asking myself, “Is carrageenan safe for me and my family?” and why Food Science Matters!

Are you sitting there unsure of what carrageenan is? Carrageenan is a common ingredient that is extracted from red seaweed and is typically used as a thickener and emulsifier in ice cream, yogurt, cottage cheese, soy and almond milks, and other processed foods. You can even make it yourself!


Uyu Soft Serve Ice Cream Gastown

Uyu Soft Serve Ice Cream Gastown

How do you make carrageenan? You boil red seaweed with a little salt, adding a bit of alcohol, and then mixing it in a blender to release the natural carrageenan. The natural carrageenan can then be used in place of gelatin in many dessert recipes.

There are loads of research studies that can be found online about carrageenan, and along with food science facts, I also stumbled upon articles debating whether carrageenan is safe or not. Guess who agrees that carrageenan is safe? Regulatory bodies in Europe, China, Japan, Brazil, and, yes, the United States, have all decided that carrageenan is safe for use in food.

So if all these countries stated that carrageenan is safe in food, where is the controversy?


Early studies that investigated carrageenan safety did not always test adequate amounts of carrageenan, and many studies used the wrong ingredient – that’s right, studies sometimes used poligeenan, which isn’t even used in foods. Many recent articles on carrageenan safety refer back to outdated, bad research!

Current research proves that carrageenan is safe in our food, beauty products, and toothpaste, too! Check out this awesome website on the History of Carrageenan Safety by Food Science Matters to learn even more. It’s important to take the time and carefully review the science of carrageenan.

Uyu Soft Serve Ice Cream Gastown

As a mother and wife, I purchase and make the food my family eats, and it’s super important for me to know what’s in the food I’m serving. It’s important for me to focus on the facts and the food science behind the food we eat. To learn more about carrageenan and other ingredients in our food, head to Food Science Matters, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Are you concerned with the food products you purchase? Have you heard of carrageenan before? How do you try to keep your food safe for your family?

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Food Science Matters, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #foodsciencematters http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV