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There’s no question that I haven’t been in the brightest of spirits these past few months. I allow the stresses of life to bring me down – I complain, I whine – but something happened on Saturday that has perked me up more than a quadruple shot tall Americano ever could.

Imagine a rainy, dreary Saturday. A downpour of water. It’s depressing, right? As I racked my brain that morning trying to figure out what to do that would amuse my bouncing-off-the-wall children, I checked Facebook again and someone on a local page posted that there were orcas and dolphins in the waters off Nexen Beach.

Orcas and dolphins are not common in Squamish. I’ve lived here almost 4 years and have never heard of large groups of these sea creatures ever stopping by. There will be random sightings, especially by fishermen, but they’re rare to spot.

So when I heard that three large pods of killer whales had forced hundreds of dolphins into the Blind Channel, we rushed down to Nexen Beach to see what was going on.

And it was absolutely astounding. Hundreds upon hundreds of dolphins speeding past us – going back and forth in the waters. The orcas lazily circling the harbour, occasionally breaching – the odd one would jump over 5 feet in the air – to see this in nature was absolutely incredible.

For whatever reason, this random sighting has lifted my spirits. I don’t know if it was massive crowd that grew throughout the day, completely soaked and dripping from the pouring rain, or just being so close to these cute animals… I don’t know, I sound like a cheeseball, but it’s Monday, and there’s a smile on my face.

Here’s some more pictures by local photographers that captured this amazing event.

c/o Sharon Shales

c/o Sharon Shales


Dolphins & a Paddleboarder c/o Richard Duncan


Orca Catching a Dolphin c/o Chris Carpentier


Dolphins racing through the Blind Channel c/o Rhoda Reece

Orcas c/o Vanessa @vanezo

Orcas c/o Vanessa @vanezo

Orca Jumping c/o Ashley Ganske

Orca Jumping c/o Ashley Ganske

Crowds gather in Squamish to watch sealife c/o Jim Hegan

Crowds gather in Squamish to watch sealife c/o Jim Hegan



  1. March 18, 2014 / 10:04 am

    This is absolutely incredible. I would have loved to see this. I hope the lifted spirits stick around 🙂

    • March 20, 2014 / 7:44 am

      They are for now! It was almost magical to watch!

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