Design Inspiration: Henry Built Kitchens

Henry Built Kitchens

When we first built our home, we had dreams of a minimal and industrial inspired kitchen. (You can see some kitchen inspirations here and here – and you can see what our kitchen actually looks like here!) What did we do to achieve our desired look? We customized a few Ikea cabinets and created our own 18′ long kitchen island out of reclaimed wood fir beams that we burnt and sealed. It looks great and was on budget, however it wasn’t the most practical solution, as time would quickly tell…





We’ve lived in our home for two years now (I can’t even believe it!), and are looking forward to a kitchen redesign in the next year or so. Skimming through design magazines, advertisements for Henry Built often caught my eye. The were minimal looking and comfortable at the same time. The use of woods created a timeless feel, with innovative storage solutions that made my inner organizational nerd scream and shout.

Ideally, we’d like to keep the island as-is, and create a kitchen wall the works well with the pre-existing island. A mix of tall units and counter space, with built-in appliances and everything either hidden or showcased in its’ proper place. Henry Built kitchens seems to have achieved all that in its’ simplicity and look of quality.





The first step to working with a kitchen design team is to show them the space, discuss your ideas and needs, and, most importantly, figure out the budget! While we’re not working with a huge budget, I would love to be able to have a beautifully designed kitchen that’s unique and customized for our growing family!

Henry Built Kitchens

All photos are from Henry Built


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