How to Brew the Best Cup of Coffee

How to Make French Press Coffee

So… if you’re anything like me, I can safely assume that you’re a busy person who loves their caffeine! Am I right? Well, if that’s the case then you’re in luck because I’m showing you how to brew the BEST cup of coffee using Bulletproof Coffee Beans.

There’s a certain method to brewing the cup of coffee, and what’s beautiful is that it can be a little different for everyone! I have been so hooked on starting every morning with a cup of coffee made with Bulletproof Coffee Beans – and let me tell you why!

How to Make French Press Coffee

Why Bulletproof Coffee Beans Are My Favourite

I love the flavour of coffee… I love watching it slowly roast in a Chemex or a French Press… For me, it’s not about chugging back a double-double and calling it a day – for me, drinking coffee is enjoying the process of making coffee and savoring every last sip of it! It’s a simple pleasure.

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That’s why Bulletproof Coffee Beans are my favourite to use when I’m making a cup of coffee. Not only do they make a seriously delicious cup of joe, but Bulletproof Coffee Beans are some of the highest quality beans you can get, with a focus on being a pure coffee bean, lab-tested to minimize mold toxins (yep, mold is in so many coffee beans!). I love that the flavour of the coffee is mellow but rich!

How to Make French Press Coffee

How To Make The Perfect Cup of Coffee

 I love making coffee in my French Press, it’s one of the easiest ways to make great coffee. To make coffee in the French Press with Bulletproof Coffee Beans, first you have to GRIND them into  evenly-sized grains of coffee, that are on the larger size (think bread crumb sized!).

How to Make French Press Coffee

How to Make French Press Coffee

Then add to your French Press, but how much do you add? Trust me, as a coffee geek and mother of two, making coffee became an obsession that I couldn’t spend too much time googling! I like my coffee on the stronger side, so I add a touch extra to my French Press!

Here is a cheat sheet for how much coffee to add to your French Press, and remember that coffee beans are measured before grinding:

  • 1 serving – 1 cup water (8 fl oz) – 2 tablespoons coffee beans
  • 2 servings – 2 cups water (16 fl oz) – ¼ cup coffee beans
  • 4 servings – 4 cups water (32 fl oz) – ½ cup coffee beans
  • 8 servings – 8 cups water (64 fl oz) – 1 cup coffee beans

How to Make French Press Coffee

How to Make French Press Coffee

Now to brew the most perfect cup of coffee, add your desired amount of ground coffee into your French Press, and add the coordinating amount of boiled water. Be sure to let the water sit for a minute before pouring it in! If the water’s too hot – the coffee can get bitter!

Now gently STIR the brew and then STEEP for 4 minutes – the steeping time is totally up to you and your taste buds, but 4-4.5 minutes is pretty much standard! Now PLUNGE the press all the way to the bottom – POUR yourself a cup and savour the delicious coffee that you just made!

Quick tip: Don’t let the coffee sit in the French Press for too long as it will become bitter – if you made a ton of coffee, pour it in a carafe to keep it warm and bitter-free!

How to Make French Press Coffee

How to Make French Press Coffee

What’s your favourite way to make coffee? I admit I used to be a huge fan of those single-brew coffee machines, because I thought using a French Press would be too hard – BOY was I wrong! Using a French Press to make coffee is super easy, inexpensive, and saves the environment when considering the ‘other’ types of coffee makers!

I love brewing Bulletproof Coffee Beans because they’re pure, mold-free, and delicious! The coffee has a rich flavour without any acidity that I find in other brands. It’s easy on my stomach and it’s become a staple in my every day coffee brewing!

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How to Make French Press Coffee

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How to Make French Press Coffee

What’s your favourite way to make coffee?

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Bulletproof Coffee and I am thankful that they support my blog and my caffeine habit, because I absolutely love their coffee! All my opinions are honest and true!



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    I love French Press coffee. Although I have never tried Bulletproof coffee before.

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    I have a french press that I don’t use – I am not sure why as it really is a better tasting cup of coffee

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