Just Another Wiggles Fan

My little man has become quite the dancer, he’s got moves unlike any I’ve seen before, and it’s super cute to catch him bopping his head to music anywhere we might be!

In the car I play anything that’s on my iPod, from The White Stripes and The Killers, to Kesha and Lady Gaga, and even Beastie Boys or the latest EDM podcasts… we try to introduce our kids to all ranges of music, from hip hop to classical. We try to be hip parents!

So it was pretty funny to see him going crazy with his dance moves to The Wiggles on tv.I tried to video tape him, but when he spots a camera he wants to be the one taking the picture! Here’s the best I could do (the sound is pretty quiet, you can thank me later!):

Do your kids like The Wiggles? My daughter was never a big fan, but my little one loves them! I’ve even looked up ‘The Wiggles Tour Dates’ – things you think you’ll never do as a “cool” parent!


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