Ford Escape Kale Gate Party #EscapeAndDiscover Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver

Gondola on Grouse Mountain

Tyto the Owl Mascot on Grouse Mountain

No matter the weather, kids in the Pacific Northwest are ready to have fun outside! Rain jackets, rubber boots, and even waterproof one-piece suits come into action here in Vancouver, where the weather is anything but predictable! I took my kids up to Grouse Mountain to check out the Ford Explorer Kale Gate festivities (like a ‘Tail Gate’ party, only healthier!), and we had the best time munching on delicious foods and dancing to the live DJ.

Of course, we didn’t hike up the Grouse Grind… not with a four year old! Instead, we took a foggy gondola ride up to the top of Grouse Mountain. We were greeted with balloons, a DJ, food, and Tyto – the Grouse Mountain Owl Mascot! After we posed with Tyto (who is very quiet…!) we ran to the Kale Gate festivities to eat and play in the cars…





That’s right! What better fun is it than to play in a car that isn’t yours? Kids absolutely love doing that – and at dealerships it’s frowned upon, isn’t it? To let your kids jump in and out of a car, pretend to drive it, opening and closing the doors and ‘racing’ each other! The kids had fun checking out the features on the Ford Explorer, and so did I, heated leather seats and all wheel drive are a must in this climate!

We had a great time discovering the new Ford Escape (our favourite was the red one!) on Grouse Mountain at their first-ever Kale Gate Party!

Photos 4 – 6 credit of Britney Gill


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