guilty pleasure: ladies of london


My latest guilty pleasure is Ladies of London, yet another Bravo reality show. Have you seen this yet? It’s like the Real Housewives franchise has gone British, and it’s absolutely fabulous. There are gorgeous dresses, fancy events, and just a little bit of drama to make things exciting.


Caroline Stanbury is my absolute favourite on the show, she’s actually become a bit of a girl crush. She runs a luxury Gift Library and Wedding Shop, and is said to be worth $30 million. Caroline was born into the Vestey dynasty and continues to be part of London’s high society. She’s a mom of three and has a beautiful home. She’s sarcastic and witty and gorgeous. And I love her closet. 

Annabelle Neilson was born into a wealthy aristocratic family and was the muse of the late Alexander McQueen. She’s stunning, a model and London socialite, and Kate Moss is one of her best friends. She’s a private Brit, a bit of a posh girl gone bad, and I think she’s fantastic. Annabelle is currently penning a novel about her relationship with McQueen.

Caprice Bourret is an honorary Brit – she is an American model who moved to London over 20 years ago and has been accepted into London’s social circles, which is apparently no easy feat. So far, she’s seemed to be on the British side in every little drama that has come about. This season we get to see her pregnant, have her baby, as well as welcome her second baby (born by surrogate a month later!). 


Juliet Angus is a personal stylist who moved to London 4 years ago to be with her husband. She’s a mom of two kids, but her American life seemed to be exciting, full of partying with A-list celebrities. She’s the typical American on the show – loud and somewhat obnoxious, not caring for tradition, and at times wears clothing that makes the other girls shake their heads. She’s definitely one to watch!

Noelle Reno has a background in modelling and fashion, and is most recently a freelance writer. She’s a bit of a dark horse of the group, being involved with a man in a high-profile divorce, it seems no one knows what to make of her – they’re all very friendly to her face, but always worried about the negative publicity she might bring along.

Marissa Hermer reminds me of a Stepford Wife living in London. She seems so proper at times, absolutely loves everything to do with British culture, and has also recently become a British citizen.  She’s also a mother of two children, and her husband is Matt Hermer, CEO of the Ignite Group, who parties with royalty.

I love the show because it offer glimpses of London High Society, fabulous frocks and the silly drama that all Bravo tv shows offer. I also enjoy how it highlights the differences between American and British cultures and the different slangs that are used. It certainly doesn’t disappoint! It’s my current tv guilty pleasure!  Have you seen the show? What do you think?

What’s your guilty pleasure?



  1. June 20, 2014 / 12:49 pm

    This is my guilty pleasure of the summer as well. Living in the mountains, here is nothing like posh British life for a momentary escape. I have to admit, as an American, Juliet is too much for me. She’s not so much American as rude!

    • June 20, 2014 / 4:22 pm

      Juliet is so brash, isn’t she? Her behaviour is a bit “look at me!”, and I just don’t get how she can be a personal stylist… her wardrobe choices aren’t always understandable (to me at least!).

      • June 23, 2014 / 1:15 pm

        Agreed, her kids are dressed cutely though. So maybe she is better at dressing others.
        Definitely the Juliet-show is fueled by a hot temper as well. Hope a bit of the British self-restraint rubs off on her.

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