Lego Birthday Party


As I’m just starting to plan my daughter’s birthday party, two months ahead as per usual, I thought I’d share with you last year’s Lego Birthday Party Bonanza!

As kids get older, planning birthday parties can become tricky. It’s no longer what the parents want (simple colours, modern designs) or what a toddler wants (Thomas the Train or Dora), but a party has everything to do with a little one’s personality. If my daughter was a real Princess I would throw her a pink & black Parisian-style party, complete with an Eiffel Tower as a centrepiece and macarons for dessert! Yet, as spoiled as my little Princess may be, she has a tomboy side to her, and her parties always include boys & girls, so I always try to do a party that caters to both genders and is fun and age-appropriate.

Girls Lego Birthday Party

Celebrating by dancing to Gagnam Style !

I kept scratching my head for a while – what to do? what to do? And it finally came to me, through her obsession with all things Lego, that we should do a Lego birthday party – and she loved the idea! I found some great Lego-themed invitations all over the internet, Etsy especially, but I chose a Lego birthday invitation from Tiny Prints which was super cute:

Tiny Prints

The morning of the party, Jay took the kids out for a birthday breakfast, while I stayed home to decorate! I found this large Lego poster online at a party shop and used it as a backdrop for pictures. Crazy mama that I am, I stayed up late at night spelling out my daughter’s name in Lego, complete with a few Lego Minifigures on each base plate (that’s what those blue & green lego boards are called, base plates. You’re welcome.)

I started the planning process a couple of months in advance, trying to find sales on Lego in order to save money for the party. I had to purchase a bit more Lego for everyone to play with, I bought the base plates, the big yellow Lego Head (which is a storage piece for Lego) – and I bought a lot of the Lego Minifigures on sale and put them in the goody bags as well.

Name spelled out in Lego

Boys and Girls Lego Birthday Party

Lego Birthday Decorations

Instead of buying everything Lego-themed from the party store, I used a simple colour scheme of red, yellow, blue & green, which was repeated throughout the room in balloons, paper lanterns & decorations, plates, tablecloth, and goody bags. This is a much more cost-effective route to take, and it looks very cute!

One thing I was worried about was games – what are we all going to do? I planned out a few games but the only one that we had time to do was “Guess how many Legos in this Jar!”

Glitter Tattoo Squamish

A glittery Skull & Crossbones tattoo for my little girl!

The kids kept themselves busy with colouring sheets that I printed off from the Lego website, a huge pile of Legos in the middle of the room, the kids danced and danced and danced (I think we heard Gagnam Style about 10 times in 2 hours!), and I also brought in a Body Artist that did Glitter Tattoos on the kids.

The chocolate cake was from Le Gateau Bake Shop in Vancouver. After overdosing on Lego birthday pins (pinterest is a great source for kids birthday parties – but so overwhelming!) I still had no clue what I want for a birthday cake, so I gave Tanya some ideas and she created this cake, which my daughter and all her friends absolutely loved! Along with these delicious vanilla cupcakes.

Lego Birthday Cake

Lego Cupcakes

Lego Birthday Party

A Lego birthday is a perfect choice for a gender-neutral party, everyone had a ton of fun and I loved every bit of the planning process as well as the party! Find this and more awesome birthday party ideas on my Parties Board on Pinterest!




  1. August 31, 2014 / 11:01 am

    Love the lego party!! Great pics and blog post!
    Hope you get a chance to stop by my blog sometime!!
    Have a great holiday weekend

  2. August 31, 2014 / 5:20 pm

    This looks like so much fun! My family is obsessed with Legos. This is NOT an understatement. My daughter (and my dad, for that matter), would love to have a party like this one! I especially love the cake 🙂

  3. Jude
    November 8, 2014 / 1:56 pm

    Where did you get the number 7 balloon? I’m in Vancouver and looking for a number 5.
    Your party looks great.
    Thanks in advance!

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