What makes a good morning?


Mornings always have the tendency to get wild and hectic, especially when something “important” is happening that day! As Christmas approaches, there seems to be more and more “important” things happening, and we seem to spend our mornings shouting at each other to ‘hurry up!’ as we rush out the door just in time to miss the bus! I can’t be the only one to have mornings like this! (Above: Sorel slippers & Mug from Chapters)

I’ve been reading an amazing book on getting my life together and applying time management skills along with gratitude, in order to have a happier ME with a simpler life – don’t worry, next week I’ll be telling you all about this must-have book. But this book has made me take a look at the problem areas in my life, things that make me stress out, things that don’t go smoothly, and see where I’m going wrong and how to fix them.

What makes a good morning? The ideal morning would have me in a cozy robe and warm slippers, sipping a delicious tea in my favourite mug. Lunches for school and daycare are ready in the fridge, made the night before, and the kids wake up on time and in good spirits, ready for a simple breakfast that they would actually eat!



A good morning in my house starts the night before. I prep lunches, help the kids pick out their clothes for the next day and pack up their bags for school and daycare. It ensures we’ll have enough time in the morning to get dressed, eat breakfast, and get ready for the day.

I also clean the kitchen and bathrooms every night – okay, I TRY to keep the kitchen and bathroom clean. Some nights I forget or I’m too tired, but when I wake up to a nice, clean kitchen and bathroom, my whole day goes smoother for some reason. Everything in its’ place, easy to find, with room to spread out if necessary!

One thing I’m bad at? Is taking out the garbage at night. I live in the woods and it’s DARK out there at night! So quite often, if there’s a stinky diaper in the bathroom garbage, I’ll try to double-wrap the stinker in a plastic bag or two, and pray that I don’t wake up to any stinky smells! Ever since I started using GLAD® Odour Guard® Bags with febreze™ Freshness I’ve noticed that my garbage pail isn’t letting out any unpleasant odours.



The GLAD® Odour Guard® Bags with febreze™ Freshness work to neutralize unpleasant odours (think stinky diapers or banana peels) so you wake up to a nice-smelling home!  GLAD Canada recently sent me a Good Morning kit, complete with a lovely mug, a delicious tea, a scented candle, and GLAD Kitchen Catchers & Compost bags with Odour Guard Technology with febreeze Freshness.

Another thing that makes my mornings good? Flowers in a lovely vase – in this case I got an adorable fox vase filled with a holiday mixture of pinecones, evergreen needles, and cotton! This definitely puts a smile on my face every morning!

Do you have any tricks or tips that make your mornings easier? What makes a good morning for you?

Disclosure: This post is in partnership with GLAD®. I received product for review purposes and all opinions in this blog post are honest. 


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