My Summer Bucket List

My Summer Bucket List

Summer is now in full swing! The bright sunny days and warmer weather are getting me super excited for some of the things I’m planning this summer! I’m super stoked to share with you my summer bucket list and the fun things we’re planning in the next couple of months!


Go on a road trip!

This weekend we’re taking off on a road trip to beautiful Fernie, BC. That’s a 11-hour trip one way – but of course, we’re going the loong way through Revelstoke, and spending a night there, too! I’m so stoked for mountain biking, hiking, the aerial park, and checking out the gorgeous town of Fernie, too!

I’m really looking forward to snapping some amazing photos with my camera (gotta dust that baby off and charge up the battery!), because the scenery is going to be amazing!


My Summer Bucket List

Have a bonfire on the beach

Sandy toes, bikinis, and roasted marshmallows – what could be better than having a bonfire on the beach? I love watching the sun go down behind the mountains and the sound of the waves as you watch the crackling fire…!


Experience Wanderlust

Not the travelling kind, but the yoga festival that graces the mountains of Whistler each and every year! I’ve been to Wanderlust before, and I can’t wait to go again and get my spiritual gangsta side on! Come join me at Wanderlust Whistler!


My Summer Bucket List

Lounge by a Pool All Day Long

How amazing would it be to lounge poolside all day long! I’m thinking a cabana, yummy sangria, fresh fruit, and a chill playlist – dream big, right?


Mountain Biking in Whistler

For two weeks in August, I’ll be in Whistler covering Crankworx, the epic mountain biking event. We’re going to have a ton of fun watching my kids race in the Kidsworx events, checking out all the new gear, watching our favourite slopestyle events, and going down a few runs, too!


My Summer Bucket List

Be A Home Body

With our patio completed, I’m kinda, sorta, really looking forward to spending most of our nights chilling on our deck, making delicious food on the barbeque, and watching sunsets from our home. Is that cheesy or what?! But when you’ve spent so many years waiting for something to be done – it’s exciting to stay home! …. I think I’m getting old!


Finish Decorating our Home

Yes, I know our house is up for sale – but everywhere I look I see unfinished spaces! We need some art, some throw pillows, a few plants, and maybe a few other accessories to really make our home feel complete and comfy. My argument is that when we move, we’ll be taking it all with us anyway! (Unless the buyers want the furniture…)


My Summer Bucket List

Learn to Make a Really Good Sangria

I love a delicious glass of sangria and I need to learn how to make it myself – the way I love it! I’d love to add peaches and pineapple and some of my favourite rosé to the mix – my goal is to learn to make the perfect sangria recipe!


What’s on your summer bucket list?


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