My Kid Loves his Babysitter

I am currently sitting in a cafe in my little mountain town, ‘supposed to’ be working but after an hour or two of real work I find myself drifting into an almond milk latte haze…. pinterest…. twitter… blogs…. We have hired a sitter to watch the kids a couple of times a week. I think I convinced my husband to hire one so I could have “me time” and get in shape, however “me time” is more like blogging and coffee time.

Today I’m supposed to be working on some graphic design and website work for my husband’s company, which I did, for 2 hours, and now I’m bored. It’s too soon to pack it up and go back home, the babysitter is still there. My kids LOVE the babysitter, and sometimes I wish they didn’t love her so much, you know?

When my baby boy stopped crying as I was leaving, I knew she was good. But listen to this little gem of a story: View Post


Your family will inhale this delicious beef lasagna stew – essentially a deconstructed lasagna without all the hard work! At our house my daughter calls it ‘Homemade Chef Boyardee’, while I call it an EASY Lasagna recipe!


I love homemade lasagna, especially when the weather starts turning cooler and I’m searching for something warm to eat. Lasagna is comforting and filling, layers of oozing cheese and meat and veggies – however it’s an ordeal that’s not always easy to accomplish! And with an 18-month old hanging off my legs in the kitchen, it seems an impossible task to begin!

Enter the Beef Lasagna Stew – or for little kids, call it Homemade Chef Boyardee, since that’s what it reminds me of, but WAY better tasting!! All the components of your favourite lasagna in an easy to eat bowl! View Post


Vote for Me Best Canadian Lifestyle BlogHi lovelies! I’ve been nominated in the Canadian Made in Blog Awards for Best Canadian Lifestyle Blog. Will you pretty please vote for me? Voting is open until November 18th, and it would mean so much to me! I’ve never been nominated for something like this before and I’m super excited to see what happens!!

VOTING is OVER! Now I”m waiting to see results!

 UPDATE: I have won 3rd Best Canadian Family Blog!

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snowI’ve realised my love for snow may be a little strange. I took this picture yesterday in Whistler. I had to drive up for an errand and a foot of snow had fallen magically overnight  – it was beautiful. I look at this picture and feel warmth. I think of snowball fights, and hot cocoa, and sledding, and being bundled up from head to toe!

My husband looks at this picture and thinks it looks beautiful, but it makes him cold. I just don’t understand it…

Also, the winner has been chosen for the Keep Calm & Drink Tea Giveaway! Head on over there to see if you’re the winner!!

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As I’m just starting to plan my daughter’s birthday party, two months ahead as per usual, I thought I’d share with you last year’s Lego Birthday Party Bonanza!

As kids get older, planning birthday parties can become tricky. It’s no longer what the parents want (simple colours, modern designs) or what a toddler wants (Thomas the Train or Dora), but a party has everything to do with a little one’s personality. If my daughter was a real Princess I would throw her a pink & black Parisian-style party, complete with an Eiffel Tower as a centrepiece and macarons for dessert! Yet, as spoiled as my little Princess may be, she has a tomboy side to her, and her parties always include boys & girls, so I always try to do a party that caters to both genders and is fun and age-appropriate.

Girls Lego Birthday Party

Celebrating by dancing to Gagnam Style !

I kept scratching my head for a while – what to do? what to do? And it finally came to me, through her obsession with all things Lego, that we should do a Lego birthday party – and she loved the idea! I found some great Lego-themed invitations all over the internet, Etsy especially, but I chose a Lego birthday invitation from Tiny Prints which was super cute:

Tiny Prints

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An exciting moment during building our dream home was when the roof was put on. Suddenly it went from a concrete and steel foundation into a structure, a structure that will become a home – OUR HOME! Now I’ll be the first to admit that construction bores me… I mean, I want it to be finished so I can put all the finishing touches on it!


It still doesn’t quite look like a home yet.

We went with a material called Q-Deck for the ceilings, which was later painted white on the inside, to give our ceilings a cool industrial feel. Q-Deck is a metal cladding that’s great for insulation and pouring concrete on top of, and also as a waterproof base for our roofing material.


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So it turned out that my little man would NOT wear his Elmo costume. I’m not sure if it was the red fur bodysuit, or the head covering with googly eyes, but I could pick it up in front of him and he would burst into tears. Forget it.

Thankfully Chanel had enough personality with her costume to make up for his loss – Angry Bird to the rescue! We had a great night of Trick or Treating, Holland walked around and loved all the lights and decorations and fireworks. Chanel on the other hand was thrilled with her collection of candy – two bags full! Lucky bird 🙂