Paleo Meyer Lemon Pudding #CoolerWithAlmondBreeze

Paleo Friendly Meyer Lemon Pudding Dessert

As one of our New Year’s resolutions, our household has been focused on healthy living since the beginning of the year (read more about our health journey here). I’ve lost quite a bit of weight on the HCG diet, my husband has lost weight along with me, and we’ve started changing our kids’ diets to be more focused on whole foods, getting rid of all the processed junk.

I’m very excited to share this recipe with you today – I discovered it through a friend on Facebook (isn’t that how we find anything nowadays?), and relished in the fact that it was Paleo-friendly, egg-free, dairy-free, and made of delicious Meyer lemons.

I’ve adapted the recipe from Healing Family Eats (which is a very lovely blog featuring autoimmune Paleo recipes), and I added Almond Breeze in the recipe. My daughter is allergic to the cow milk protein, and the rest of our family have slight lactose intolerances, that make eating heavy sauces and desserts no fun! (Think cheesecakes and alfredo sauces – those are a huge no go in our house!)


Almond Breeze is helping us maintain our 2015 health resolutions by providing our family with a beverage that is lactose-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free, but still a source of calcium.

After using Almond Breeze in our Island Breeze Smoothie, I knew I wanted to try almond milk in a dessert. My daughter was very excited to come home to this little treat! Not only is it Paleo, but it’s dairy-free and egg-free, and is a perfect lemon dessert. It’s light and fluffy, but with a pudding consistency.

In the original recipe, the blogger said it was very fluffy, whereas mine turned out more like a pudding, perhaps because I added a bit more gelatin? Either way, the whole family adored this dessert and asked for seconds! If you try it, let me know!

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Paleo Meyer Lemon Pudding
Recipe type: Dessert
Serves: 4
A light and fluffy pudding that's dairy-free.
  • ½ cup of water
  • 2 tsp gelatin
  • 2 tbsp zest of Meyer lemons
  • ½ cup juice of Meyer lemons
  • 2 cups (500ml) Almond Breeze milk
  • pinch of salt
  • 2 tbsp honey
  1. Put ½ a cup of water in a shallow pot, and sprinkle gelatine on top. Set aside for about 5 minutes until softened.
  2. In a large jug, mix lemon zest, lemon juice, almond milk, and salt.
  3. Heat the gelatine very gently, just until dissolved.
  4. Remove from heat and stir in the honey.
  5. Whisk the gelatine-honey mixture into the lemon-almond milk.
  6. Divide into 4 bowls or small glasses, and chill about 2 hours, until set.
Recipe Adapted from <a href="" target="new" data-mce-href="">Lemon Fluff from Healing Family Eats</a>



  1. March 5, 2015 / 6:13 am

    This looks like a great idea! Meyer lemons are so good, but sometimes I have trouble thinking of uses for them beyond cheesecake! ha! Thanks!

  2. Lynda Cook
    March 8, 2015 / 1:34 am

    Thanks so much for sharing, I’m going to give this one a try, I love anything to do with lemons and this is much healthier and better for you than any boxed stuff!!!

  3. Carol L
    March 9, 2015 / 1:03 am

    This looks delicious. I love Lemon flavored desserts. I’m going to give it a try. Thanks for sharing.
    Carol L

  4. kristen visser
    March 10, 2015 / 1:31 pm

    wow that looks absolutely delicious! i must give this a try

  5. Anissa
    March 11, 2015 / 6:52 am

    Perfect for summer!

  6. Susan Patterson
    March 11, 2015 / 9:53 am

    This looks so yummy – thanks for the recipe!

  7. Karen Glatt
    March 11, 2015 / 11:01 am

    This looks so delicious and easy to make. I like how healthy it is and want to make this refreshing Lemon pudding.

  8. Mishelle
    March 12, 2015 / 6:54 am

    Oh I love lemon puddings!! I often buy the pie filling mix to make some up for myself but I’ll have to try this the next time I have cravings!!


  9. AC
    March 12, 2015 / 7:40 pm

    This looks delicious and refershing for summer.

  10. Alaina Brown
    March 13, 2015 / 2:06 am

    I love lemon desserts and definitely going to try this!

  11. Jane rITZ
    March 15, 2015 / 7:20 am

    That recipe looks great. I have started using Almond milk in recipes and really like it.

  12. Coco Knight
    March 17, 2015 / 2:39 pm

    this looks great. I love lemons. never tried almond milk.

  13. anita
    March 19, 2015 / 2:03 am

    My family loves pudding and I’ve never tried making pudding from scratch before and have never tried lemon flavored pudding so this will be interesting to make!

  14. PuffyBiggler
    March 19, 2015 / 11:15 pm

    My father would love this recipe. He likes anything with the name Paleo in it, LOL. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Soozle
    March 20, 2015 / 2:49 pm

    This sounds absolutely delicious! I would never have thought to make pudding this way – but I certainly will be pinning it to try! Thanks for sharing

  16. alicia szemon
    March 21, 2015 / 8:23 am

    this looks very yummy! I love anything lemon! I will have to try and make this(:

  17. Debbie S.
    March 21, 2015 / 7:48 pm

    I am printing this as we speak, thanks so much for sharing. I am so excited, I will make this tomorrow, or maybe yet tonight.

  18. Laura
    March 22, 2015 / 7:23 pm

    Yum! This looks delicious 🙂

  19. Lisa Walker
    March 23, 2015 / 1:48 pm

    i definitely need to make this for my husband!

  20. Jennifer Shelton
    March 23, 2015 / 6:08 pm

    This looks amazing! I love anything lemon!!!

  21. Pam V H
    March 24, 2015 / 10:47 am

    This looks like a perfect summer dessert. I also like Almond Breeze, but sometimes I make my own almond milk, too.

  22. Kelsey
    March 24, 2015 / 7:12 pm

    That looks good. I will have to try.

  23. Emily Endrizzi
    March 24, 2015 / 10:39 pm

    This looks really delicious! My whole family would love this!

  24. March 24, 2015 / 11:15 pm

    This looks like it would be very good on a hot summer day, I really would like to try it then.

  25. June 17, 2015 / 9:44 am

    This looks double yummy! Perfect for summer, too:-)

  26. Rosie
    June 21, 2015 / 10:14 am

    I think I would adore this fluffy or more like pudding, like yours, ohhh I must make this! I love your presentation, too. Wow!

  27. Lyndsey
    July 1, 2015 / 8:02 am

    This sounds so good!

  28. Yoli
    November 21, 2015 / 2:02 am

    Hello, when you say 1/2 juice of Meyer lemon does that mean 1/2 cup of juice? Also would can I use Maple syrup or another sweetener instead of the honey?

    Thanks so much

    • Margarita
      January 23, 2016 / 10:49 am

      Yes, a half cup! I think another liquid-form sweetener should work fine, although maple syrup might change the flavour just slightly.

  29. Eg
    January 18, 2016 / 7:58 pm

    This recipe is awful. It’s way too sour and the almond milk separates once refrigerated, leaving you with “pudding” that’s white on top and clear on the bottom. Also, you may notice that the measurement for lemon juice is missing from the recipe. I guessed half a cup. I don’t usually follow recipes with missing measurements or spelling errors (“pur”), but took a chance. Unfortunately, this was a waste of time and money.

    • Margarita
      January 23, 2016 / 10:49 am

      Hi Elisa,
      I’m so sorry that the recipe didn’t turn out for you! It’s indeed half a cup of Meyer lemon juice – did you use Meyer lemons? I’m not sure why the recipe turned out sour and separated, I will test the recipe a few more times and see what happens.

  30. Tara
    April 5, 2018 / 6:42 pm

    I was so excited to use my meyer lemons but my pudding never set! Can you provide more details about how to heat the gelatine? I imagine I did that part incorrectly because I ended up with a soupy mixture the next day.

    • Margarita
      April 13, 2018 / 12:21 pm

      Hmmm, this has never happened to me however upon doing some research it IS possible to overheat the gelatin to a point where it won’t work. I’m not sure your details, but if you got the gelatin mixture to a boiling point, that’s way too hot.

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