Let them Know if They’re on the Nice List with a Personalized Message from Santa Claus

personalized message from santa

Each and every year, I create a personalized video from Santa Claus for each of my children. It’s a fun way to make Christmas memories! I wrote about Personalized Messages from Santa Claus via the Portable North Pole two years ago, and you will find step-by-step instructions on how easy it is to create your own video to send to your loved one!

If you haven’t created an account at the Portable North Pole yet, you still have time to create one and send your loved ones a personalized message from Santa Claus! We like to watch them a week or two before, and then Santa also pops up before leaving on his big journey around the world!

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personalized message from santa claus
It’s easy to bring the magic of Christmas to life with the Portable North Pole! Create personalized video messages and calls directly from Santa to give children young and old a glimpse into the enchanting North Pole Village. Here’s a personalized message from Santa to ME that I did for fun… I landed on the naughty list, but Santa called me a ‘hottie’ so BONUS… right?

Take advantage of the 20% off discount while you can and create some magic at Christmas this season with the Portable North Pole and a personalized  message from Santa! Remember to create an account FIRST at Portable North Pole and then come back here and CLICK ON THIS LINK for automatic savings!


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