Quite Surprising

Very little surprises me, in this day and age. We are living in a time that people are skydiving from outside the earth’s atmosphere, while halfway around the world women can’t go to school or work because there aren’t public toilets that can accommodate them. There’s so much joy in this world and there’s so much strife at the same time.

Scientific discoveries abound. Mental and psychological illnesses are being researched and regarded with more respect than ever before. After a generation of preservative-laden “fast foods” we are finally coming to our senses and reverting to eating more whole foods. The last male northern white rhinoceros is under 24-hour armed surveillance.  Kim Jong Un is hiring women for his own personal pleasure squad.

People are valuing independent thinkers, creatives, entrepreneurs. People are fighting cancer. Years of research is providing us with therapies and even cures for illness and disease. Natural disasters abound. Droughts are killing our forests and our food sources.

This world is imperfect. All of the above is true. And none of it – absolutely, completely NONE of it – surprises me. The luxury of tapping my phone and being repeatedly overexposed to news from all over the world has led to a reality where I am no longer shocked and appalled at people’s situations all over the world.

I am not indifferent to it. I don’t just shrug my shoulders and move on. I think. I donate. I discuss. I try. But I’m rarely surprised by life anymore. It’s a roll with the punches type world. Things change, people change, events happen – good and bad – and I’ve learnt to accept this.

However, a MAN who won’t complete work assignments, because a WOMAN requested it of him?

Now, that surprises me.

Because that means he’s hardly a man at all.

xo M.



  1. mongupp
    May 2, 2015 / 9:55 am

    Yes the world is full of paradoxes and they are thrown at us immediately now due to our technology. At least that helps us to get the word out faster and help faster to those affected.

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