Give your kids a break this summer #StreamTeam

I wanted the summer of literally nothing.

I wanted this summer to be the summer of literally nothing. I really, really did. The last few years have kicked my butt with activities, camps, and different sports – along with travel, work, and having a life of my own! So this summer I planned nothing… or so I thought.

I realized that the kids have mountain bike camp twice a week all summer long, plus they go to the trampoline centre a couple of times per week. We just completed our road trip, we have Crankworx coming up, we’re planning another trip at the end of summer… and when I actually laid it all out on a calendar I had a silent scream moment.

Even though we’re busy this summer, on days where we’re doing nothing, we’re doing literally nothing! I have no activities planned for the kids at home – I just tell them go outside.

But I’m bored.


But there’s nothing to do.


It’s too cold/too hot/too windy/too sunny/too cloudy outside.


I think they kids are getting the gist of it, because they’ve stopped complaining and just go outside now! We’re lucky to live on a forested property because they get to make forts, and play pretend, and climb trees all day long. When the forest gets boring, they head down to the neighbourhood park, or ride their bikes, skateboards, or scooters on the street.

I wanted the summer of literally nothing.

By the end of the day, these kids are exhausted from the fresh air and moving all day long! I absolutely love it – and their reward? Some downtime with their favourite Netflix shows.

Usually after their bath or shower, the kids are tired but not ready for bed. Watching a quick episode or two of their favourite Netflix shows provides a quick mental rest, some entertainment, and a way to unwind before reading a book and going off to bed.

I love hearing the kids laughter after a long day of running around, being outside, and having fun! Even though I wanted a summer of literally nothing, I find this balance of busy some days, and laid back on others works great for us!


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