July + August Instagrams


Looking back at all the pictures we took in the summer stirs up many memories and emotions in me. It’s a good reminder that even if we didn’t have any major trips planned, so much has happened in those two months – so many good times, tons of fun, lots of excursions, and big bright smiles!

I’ve been trying to take a picture every single day this year as a reminder of all the fun things we do and to be grateful for all the little things in life – my own little Project 365 – that I’ve been posting using Instagram. I figured that I already take pictures on my phone constantly, why not make it fun? Here are some of my favourite images captured in July & August:








Pictures from the top (left to right):

1. A view from Brandywine Falls in Whistler.
2. The kids hard at work at my daughter’s desk!
3. Watching The Boom Booms at the Squamish Wind Festival.
4. A couple of Sky Pilot beers at the view deck at the Sea to Sky Gondola.
5. Holland after a haircut – so grown up!
6. The view from far above Britannia Beach.
7. The LOVE ball at Wanderlust.
8. My daughter playing with her favourite puppet.
9. After competing in the Kids B-Line race!
10. A rare laundry day selfie!
11. Me, in my bike gear, ready to shred Whistler!
12. My little boy cheering at Red Bull Joyride.
13. The view of Atwell Peak on Diamondhead Mountain.

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June Instagrams


Looking back at June I’m filled with happiness, corny but true! Jay & I did many things together just as a couple, and we did just as many things together with our kids – it’s all about balance! I’ve been trying to take a picture every single day this year as a reminder of all the fun things we do and to be grateful for all the little things in life – my own little Project 365 – that I’ve been posting using Instagram.



june-instagrams-3Pictures from the top (left to right):

1. A picture of my daughter beside an abandoned train car from our hike.
2. World Cup Mania! Soccer cookies at Starbucks!
3. A new red accent table (it doubles as a stool!).
4. My son & I on our Starbucks date!
5. Jay & I at Vancouver Craft Beer Week Festival!
6. A well-deserved cupcake! (After a hike, only treat of the month!)
7. My daughter after Sports Day at school.
8. A selfie with  my son, getting ready for date night.
9. Those eyes!
10. Big sister pushing her brother on the swing 🙂

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April + May Instagrams


Life has simply flown by these past two months, and between finishing our house build, moving in, dealing with a broken bone, and starting up a new business – I forgot to post instagrams from both April & May! I’ve been posting a picture for everyday of 2014 – aka Project 365 – (sometimes I’m late, sometimes I have more than one!) and sharing some of my favourites here on the blog!

Here are some of my favourite pictures from April & May! (Did you miss January, February or March?)




Photos from the top:

1. Move in day! Holland crawling under the tv stand…
2. Holland’s cute little face
3. Transporting 15′ Reclaimed Wood Beams in my Jeep
4. A campfire at our house
5. Delicious strawberry & spinach salad
6. Chanel being a hula hoop superstar in Whistler
7. The view from our neighbourhood
8. Shopping at Ikea!
9. Holland attempting to hula hoop
10. Driving home and grabbing a shot of the Chief


March Instagrams

March Instagrams

With my day to day schedule being so buys lately, I’ve been behind on posting my Project 365 pictures – never mind actual blogging! Here are some of my favourite pictures from March (are you behind? see February & January here) taken on my  iPhone and posted on Instagram (follow me on instagram at west_coastmama to see new pictures daily!).





March turned into a busy but fun month for us – my daughter had two weeks off for spring break and her brother sure loved having her around to play with! She spent a week at an Adventure ‘Survival’ Day Camp and was totally in love with spending all her time outdoors, learning to forage for berries, track animal prints, and create shelters.


A lot of work has been done on our house build (follow along with our dream house build!) but there’s still so much to do before we can move in… in about 25 days or so. I am so anxious about getting it all done on time and getting it done perfectly – I will be posting an update about our house build soon!

From the top (left to right):

1. The first flowers of spring
2. Brother & Sister eating candy in a kitchen cabinet
3. The rainbow after the storm
4. Chanel foraging for salmon berries beside our house build
5. A pink cloud sunset
6. Holland all cuddled up after a shower
7. Our home is starting to look like a house!

If you want to see more of my Instagrams check them out here! I’m hoping April will by productive, busy, but full of memories 🙂

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February Instagrams


This year I’ve jumped aboard the Project 365 train via Instagram. I thought to myself – every year I want to do a Project 365 (which is literally taking a picture every day of the year, and then posting it!) and every year I snap a few pictures and then forget. Or get busy. Or, or, or…

This year I am forgoing excuses and decided to make Project 365 work for me – I use my iPhone 5 for taking pictures and then post them on Instagram – simple and easy!


February has been a month of smiles! The weather changed dramatically every single week – we’d get a week of beautiful sunshine, then a blizzard, followed by rain…. it’s like mother nature couldn’t make up her mind!


From the top (left to right):

1. Laughing at his sister’s funny faces
2. A smile on a Vancouver sidewalk
3. A rainy walk to lunch in West Van
4. Snow day! Snow day!
5. A Valentine’s Day cookie at Starbucks with the kids
6. My daughter’s thoughtful expression
7. My little boy pointing at the water on the seawall in Vancouver
8. Snow covered mountains in Squamish
9. My favourite art installation in Vancouver
10. My little man running through the  Yaletown streets

If you want to see more of my February Instagrams go here, and check out my January post as well! Let’s hope March is just as much fun (if not more!) than February!

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