Cell Phone Radiation and Your Family – Should You Be Worried? #GetCellSmart

Are you worried about cell phone radiation and your family? #GetCellSmart

There is no question that we are living in the digital world. As a modern society, we are constantly connected to everything around us via social media, apps, messaging, video and calling – and most of it is done wirelessly on our cell phones. Do you worry about the effects of cell phone radiation on your family?

I am a self-professed social media maven, a web designer and branding specialist who is on my phone all the time. Much of my work can be done through my cell phone, because it’s easy to access and convenient to squeeze in an instagram post while dinner is cooking or posting content while grocery shopping – no joke. I take advantage of my cell phone as much as possible, but I do wonder about cell phone radiation and its’ long term effects.

Reduce Cell Phone Radiation with Lif3 Smartchip

My children are watching, I know that. Children mimic adults, and there’s a lot of controversy about screen-time, but why isn’t there more talk about the effects of cell phone radiation? I was very curious to learn more about Lif3 Canada and the Lif3 Smartchip, which reduces the radiation coming from your cell phone.

What is the Lif3 Smartchip?

The Lif3 Smartchip is a chip that adheres to the back of your cell phone to reduce cell phone radiation.

How does the Lif3 Smartchip reduce cell phone radiation?

The Lif3 Smartchip reduces cell phone radiation using technology uses a unique combination of several layers of microwave absorbing materials and a passive coupler chip that redirects radiation away from your head and body, with virtually no impact on your cell phone signal.


So can the Lif3 Smartchip provide a barrier from cell phone radiation and still provide a good cell phone signal? That was a huge concern for me because I need my phone to work, and I need it to work GREAT. I tried the Lif3 Smartchip on my iPhone6 for a week to see how it works…

As you can see, the Lif3 Smartchip is VERY thin, at 0.35 mm it is very discreet and does not interfere with my cell phone case at all. My one and only gripe is that it doesn’t come in different colours – I have a gold iPhone 6, and would love to have had a matching colour!

First world problems aside, there has been virtually no interference in my cell phone signal. I did not notice any difference to my cell phone reception, and am quite pleased that I’m reducing cell phone radiation while still being active on my phone!

Reduce Cell Phone Radiation with Lif3 Smartchip

I can rest easy knowing that while I’ll always be on my phone, I’m not causing any harm to myself or my family via cell phone radiation! I was very excited to try out the Lif3 Smartchip on my phone, and I’m glad someone has finally started talking about cell phone radiation and how to protect ourselves from the effects of it!

If you are looking to get your own Lif3 Smartchip for your cell phone, use the following discount code for 20% OFF! This code is available for a limited time only!

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For more information about the Lif3 Smartchip by Lif3 Canada, check out their official website, and follow Lif3 on Facebook!

Disclosure: This post is part of the YummyMummyClub.ca and Lif3  #GetCellSmart sponsored program. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. This post reflects my personal opinion about the information provided by the sponsors.


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  1. January 12, 2017 / 10:30 am

    Interesting. I do think about this, as my godmother is allergic to stuff like this… she can’t have a microwave or WiFi in her home, as it affects her health. I’m not sure how she goes out, as everywhere has WiFi now. However, it has made me more aware of this so it would probably be good to reduce it in our home. Like you, I’m often on my phone for work. Thanks for sharing!

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