Choosing the Perfect Gift with YP Shopwise App


Christmas shopping can be hectic and stressful – and can really suck the holiday spirit out of you. From choosing the right present to finding the best deal, the new YP Shopwise app puts the fun back into gift finding and giving!

I confess that I’m an avid online shopper, but shipping and handling costs easily skyrocket this time of year, and I try to find the best local deals on my Christmas gift list. Shopping locally not only helps local businesses, but also ensures my presents will be given on time! 

Not sure what to give? The new Gift Finder on the YP Shopwise app is here to help! Shopping for men can be difficult at any time of year, especially when they already have everything they need! Socks can be such a dull gift… so I gave the Gift Finder a spin to see what cool gift they would recommend for my  hard-to-shop-for guy!



The Gift Finder feature on the YP Shopwise app quickly shows a variety of gift options based on the chosen demographics. I chose “Man, Age 18+” to see what it would recommend as a must-have gift for my husband. I was pleasantly surprised by the options, there were the classic gifts like slippers and watches, but I found an awesome USB turntable that I didn’t even know existed before the Gift Finder!

The portable USB turntable is right up my husband’s alley, a cool gift that will make use of all the records we have, in a hip leather briefcase! The Gift Finder from YP Shopwise tells me where to find it at the best price, with multiple locations and options for purchase! The selections change based on location, time, and current sales.


An awesome feature of the YP Shopwise app is the ability to have all the local flyers on your phone. Our home tries to be “paper-free”, we don’t get newspapers or flyers delivered to us – however, when it’s time to buy something, I spend hours on the computer looking up different stores to find the best price. The YP Shopwise app has ALL THE FLYERS in ONE PLACE. I am so excited about that because it saves so much time!

My other favourite feature? The YP Shopwise app will show you the hottest deals based on your chosen location. I chose the ‘Nearby’ option and a bunch of shops in my area popped up. After clicking on Starbucks to see what their special was, it shows me an in-store drink offer. You can click on any of your favourite stores and see what’s on sale!

The YP Shopwise app saves you time and money, and it’s all conveniently available in your phone! It’s easy to use and a lot of fun to see what’s new in your area! The app is available on iTunes and Android. Find out more on their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter, too!


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  1. Jennifer Heintz
    November 26, 2014 / 3:22 pm

    Thanks for the inroduction to the shopwise apps. It is tough to keep up with all the changes!! The portable turntable app sounds like lots of fun.

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