Friday Favourites | Sephora Spring Sale!

  Can one note the passing of time with Sephora sales? The last major sale was at the beginning of winter, and lo and behold…
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Family-Friendly Restaurants in Chicago

I have always dreamed of travelling all over the world with my family, taking in the historical sites, exploring different landscapes, and discovering new flavours and delicious food. I’m thrilled that we’re all able to start travelling again (thanks for nothing Ms. Rona!), however the reality of travel is often quite different from my dreams,…

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Friday Favorites: Winter Boots

I have been on the hunt for the perfect winter footwear – you know, waterproof, warm, comfortable yet still cute and fashionable! I always have trouble with shoes but I love them so much. I have a wider foot, with a high arch, and wear a 39-40 size shoe. I can wear a size 9…

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Weekend Guide To Portland

Portland is one of my favourite cities to visit on the west coast! The city has so much charm, culture, and community behind it, with delicious restaurants, unique shops and so many breweries to explore. Each and every neighborhood has a ton of hidden gems to discover, whether it’s the colourful homes, a sweet coffee…

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Friday Favorites: Sephora Sale Edition

With the plethora of beauty products out there, it’s easy to get lost in the shiny packaging and anything that’s new! new! new! However, the past few years I feel like I’ve really honed in on what works for my skin and what doesn’t. I’ve also gotten a better handle on what’s worth splurging on…

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Get Access to My Amazing E-Book!

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A Foodie Weekend in Seattle

Seattle is one of my favourite cities to visit all year round. Being from the PNW, I’m used to the rainy, grey days of the fall and winter, but I often find that when we do visit Seattle, the weather usually cooperates, the sun is shining, and we get to explore the vast city via…

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