2014 Craft Beer Advent Calendar


A beer advent calendar. What a novel idea! Why should kids have all the fun? Remember advent calendars? Waking up each December morning to pop open that day’s surprise, usually chocolate or a little trinket? The Craft BeerAdvent Calendar does the same thing – but for adults, and with beer!

The Calgary-based Craft Beer Importers Canada have assembled the BeerAdvent Calendar for the past three years running, a large advent calendar that contains 24 different craft beers, from 17 different countries on six continents. Each day, I was pleasantly surprised with our beer findings Рthere were different varieties and styles of beers, from light lagers to black stouts, from places like Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, and Israel.

I posted each of our beer discoveries on Instagram, and I’ve brought together all 24 pictures of beer below:


The BeerAdvent Calendar was an awesome Christmas present to ourselves! It because our evening ritual to pull a chilled bottle out of the fridge and split it between the two of us after dinner. I can’t wait until the 2015 calendar comes out next fall! Check out the BeerAdvent Calendar on Facebook & Twitter!

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