5 Fabulous Ways to Be Happy Right Now

5 Fabulous Ways to Be Happy Right Now

Are you looking for a way to increase your happiness right now? We all have our moments when we struggle with positivity and feel overwhelmed with our lives, and although it may seem difficult we can snap out of it! Here’s a little bit of tough love, ready for it?

We are responsible for our own happiness. Shit happens, life is tough, and yet we must continue – and why not do it with a smile on your face? Here are 5 fabulous ways to be happy right now!

5 Fabulous Ways to Be Happy Right Now

Music Makes You Happy

Listening to music will improve your mood immediately – throw on a song that you absolutely adore and do one of the following:

  1. Dance to your heart’s desire
  2. Sing at the top of your lungs
  3. Do both!

I sing as loud as I can in the car and I feel great! I dance with my kids when I’m feeling grumpy and restless, and my mood changes immediately! When I’m feeling stuck or not particularly creative, I go to Spotify and choose a playlist that suits my mood and I feel better.

Music can be used as a motivator, and a way to excite you – but it can also be used as a way to level you out and calm you down. Next time you’re feeling a little grumpy, throw on a song that inspires you and I promise you’ll be happier! Find out more about how music can make you happier!


5 Fabulous Ways to Be Happy Right Now

Be Thankful

Being grateful does a profound thing – it takes you outside of yourself and what you’re feeling, and refocuses your thoughts on the world around you. Being thankful for what’s around us and the people in it can immediately provide an uplifting experience.

A quick and easy way to show gratitude? Write a thank you a letter to someone, to anyone, for anything and everything – not matter how insignificant you think that might be! Writing a thank you note is a quick way to gain happiness right now!

Just try it – find a cute notecard or a simple white piece of paper, and write someone a thank you letter. Put it in a pretty envelope and send it off. Know that you’re going to brighten someone’s day just by the simplest of gestures! Read more about how gratitude can make you a happier person!


5 Fabulous Ways to Be Happy Right Now

Meditate to Be Happier

Sometimes meditating can be the way to increase happiness – it’s not always about being loud and crazy and moving your body! You can become happier by sitting still, or laying down, and being present in the moment.

I struggle with meditation at times because I’m a pretty hyper person, but I’ve found a few apps that can help with guided meditations. To meditate, find a quiet space or put on some headphones to listen to a guided meditation or soothing music. Light a candle or diffuse a calming essential oil.

Another trick to trying out meditating? Finding an affirmation and repeating it while doing a yoga pose. I like to do child’s pose, but any pose where you can relax, focus on your breath, and be present in the moment will work! Read more about how meditation can make you happier!


5 Fabulous Ways to Be Happy Right Now

Move It

Moving your body gets your endorphins flowing and can make you happier without you even noticing it! Lately I like going for walks – especially when I feel grumpy or stuck in a funk. Sometimes I throw on my headphones and listen to a podcast or some music, other times I’ll just put on my sneakers and go.

I’m lucky to live close to hiking trails, because getting lost in nature always elevates my mood, but going for a walk in the park or somewhere I’ve never been before can make me instantly happier.

Not in the mood for a walk? Try some yoga, some dancing, or even a focused stretch. A bike ride always puts me in a better mood! What’s your favourite way to move? Try it next time you’re feeling a little low! Read more about why exercise makes you happier!


5 Fabulous Ways to Be Happy Right Now

Socialize to be Happier

Socializing might be the last thing you want to do when you’re feeling grumpy or low, but trust me, it can help you feel happier! Chatting up a stranger at the coffee shop, calling your mom, sister, or a friend, dropping in on a neighbour, or just saying hi to someone passing by can boost your health and happiness.

Calling someone can sometimes do the trick, but face-to-face socializing works best – yes, even if you’re an introvert! The post office lady in my small town is my best friend – we chat so long sometimes, and I absolutely love it. I always feel better after our talks!

Read more about how socializing can make you instantly happier: Four ways socializing can make you live a healthier life


Next time you’re feeling a little blue, why not try one of these five fabulous ways to make yourself happier! How do  you lift your mood when you’re down? What’s your favourite way to boost your happiness?

5 Fabulous Ways to Be Happy Right Now






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  1. Hey Margarita, You are so right! I struggle specifically with poit 2, 3, and 4! But when I do these I feel centered and I appreciate you writing about this, which makes me realize how important it is to implement these into my daily routine! Thank you!

    1. I struggle with meditation and movement – I get in the “zone” when I’m working, but working is on my laptop or phone, so I’m just sitting usually!